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  1. I know there are 13year old kids with comp capes nowadays lol, btw vids arent that impressive, just casual slaying. Anyways I've read somewhere that it was jase who convinced him to start slaying? I guess thats because jase doesnt want to give #1 spot to anyone but lynx. .
  2. Rufio 07 has achieved 200M Defence.
  3. Lynx Titan reached #1 Overall xp.
  4. That would be the best solution. It would, however, stir up some controversy for obvious reasons. Generally speaking, games use the same rules/measurement methods for every player to determine competition value, but I see no harm in it in this case. It's a pretty unique situation and there are good arguments to back it up. I think it works across the board, so even if the general consensus is to specifically increase their rc xp rate, it still wouldn't be put in action. But, as Trance and I suggested, it doesn't have to be officially changed. We can modify it ourselves in this thread. Or, Sten (NoToAfkPray) could simply skip them in the next top lists. It boggles my mind he still wants to keep them there. If their xp rates would be changed (which they should), they wouldn't come close to the top 15 anyway. N01perfect does solo abyss btw. People in the HLC see him as the 'true' rank 1. I hope he does lavas to get perm 1.
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