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  1. Not any more, there's a DFS for each combat style now, so get one for Magic. I think they're about 1.2m atm.
  2. Quick question, the way this is written makes it sound that a cannon should be used on all tasks at all times, so long as it can be set-up, is that right?
  3. In the middle of getting curses, only got a few quests left to go. Thanks for the advice guys, took down Graador 3 times before i bailed out. Happy with that for a first attempt, just need to get them curses and up my def/constitution levels, then crack on and try to get better at GWD.
  4. Okay, i'm a bit of a PVM noob, prefer skilling and just relaxing in the game, so never really been to GWD properly (saved for Aviansies, which got really boring quickly!) So i was a bit surprised when my daily challenge was to go a kill a GWD boss. As i've never done this before, who would be best with my stats etc? Att 71 Str 70 Def 79 Range 73 Mage 99 + Ancients Pray 99 - No Curses. I have access to Ovls/Extremes, and War Tort or Bunyip. In terms of gear, i have Bandos/Arma/Subj, can get Barrows if better. So are there any bosses i could possibly solo? If so, what would be my best tactics?
  5. Depends if Exp or GP that's more important to you really. If it's xp, dig up and replant, if it's money, just leave it as it is and re-pick on your next run.
  6. Cool. I'll give it a try. Would blood barrage be a good option, from a healing point of view? Nope - as you said, you have Overloads and Ancient Curses - Soulsplit is more than enough to keep you at max lp. You'll need to run around a bit, luring the Daggs to get maximum damage spread (resulting in maximum exp/h), rotating between the east and west spots either side of the central rocky structure in the middle of the room, as their aggro will die after a while. As for gear, your best 2h Stave and Ahrims or up should be fine (presuming you have at least this). If you fancy it, Daggs in Wbirth are great for crimson charms - so its a great place to collect them while you train. You can also take a bonecrusher for added prayer experience. I haven't got curses yet, only magicks (curses is next on the to do list). Assuming i do get curses, i'll only have to pulse S/S every now and then to get the healing, given i'll be hitting 7-8-9 at a time? In terms of staves, Polypore's best right, as i have not got levels for SoL, and Arma's price is probably out of range atm? I've bought Ahrims in prep for when i get to 70, have Infinity, which is best up until then as far as i know, excluding 3rd Age.
  7. Cool. I'll give it a try. Would blood barrage be a good option, from a healing point of view?
  8. Title explains it really. I get the gist that Mage now means you can train Defence faster than if you melee, so that is what i want to do. My question is how to go about it, where's most effective etc, what should i be wearing etc? Stats: All Melee's: 60 Mage: 99 Access to Ovl's and Ancients. I've got about 10/15mil i can spend, but dont want to go absolutely overboard. So, any ideas?
  9. You can without finishing it, you just need to get to the part of DT where the scrying mirrors have been set up by Eblis.
  10. No need. He can go to Ice queen and get the gloves right now. You'll need 50 mining though. This is what i did, i thought you had to of started Heroes to be able to get them. Thanks for the help guys :)
  11. Ah, okay, i'll give it shot then. Cheers for clarifying that.
  12. Hey there, quick question. I'm in the middle of doing Desert Treasure, and i'm stuck on the battle with Fareed. I haven't done Heroes Quest (nor have the regs to start it), so i don't have access to the Ice Gloves, which means i can't wield my Master Wand, but i can't seem to cast a spell with nothing in my hands. Has this changed with EOC? If not, how do i cast without a wand/staff? If so, they've made that bit of DT complete cabbage if your meele stats are low.
  13. Just make a few more extreme's than you need for Overs, there'll be situations you don't need the overall power of an overload, but maybe want a nice boost to mage or range for example.
  14. Hello TIF! Longtime lurker, finally taking the leap to properly join the community. Been playing RS on and off for years (since 03/04ish, such a long time ago lol), losing accounts along the way to IRL friends stealing passwords etc, got back into it over the summer, and just enjoying it alot more due to the fact that work restricts the amount of time i can play, meaning i play for fun instead of grindscape. Umm, irl stoof. Big fan of Pro cycling, Lance Armstrong makes all those 200mil Hunter botters look tameless lol. Football - the real one, which you actually play with your feet ;) is my other passion, fan of Chelsea, so this season's been a rubbish one. Love me some NHL on the sly, don't like to admit that American sports are good, but let's be honest, Canadians are better ;) Ah yes, almost forgot. Massive Hip-Hop fan. Mainly Aussie Hip-Hop (Hilltop Hoods, Mase and Mattic, Funkoars), but also a huge fan of the QN5 record label. Everything they drop is beastly, without exception. Yeah, that's about it. Looking forward to getting involved in the community and all the disscussions. See you all around the site, Millsy
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