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  1. Midkight thank you for your order. if you ever want some more just call on us. order closed
  2. Ok midknights. We will get you your bars. Hopefully your order will be done soon. I will contact you in the game when its done. we will settle on a price in game.
  3. Hello and welcome to "The Foundry&quot This is a Mining/ Smithing Shop for Old School Runescape. So far we sell bronze ore (Copper ∧ Tin) or bars Iron ore or bars. Steel ore or Bars. Mithril ore is now available for purchase, but not bars just yet.NEW! Addy and Rune wiill be available soon. We also sell ar our Full bronze through full iron. Full steel is coming soon. Coal by itself is also available. We will post it on here when we have new stuff come out. To make an order, there are two options. You can reply to this forum, join our clan chat (Kliff ton). Pm us if you are interested in working for us. Replying to this forum. Information that we will need is (this is a preferable way, because we will always get back with you.) 1. Runescape name. 2. Item interested in and amount. 3. Time you most likely to be on, as well as time zone. Joining our clan chat or pming. (This way will be faster if we are online.) 1. Join chat and hope a ranked person is on so that we can take your order. 2. You can also Pm to people. Pm Kliff ton (owner) or pm clawtheteddy (Co-owner). Hopefully either of us will be online and able to take your order. If we are too overloaded with orders. we may have to put your order on hold. Hopefully we can get enough workers to keep up with demand. If you are interested in working as a supplier or deliverer join our clan chat, or private message. (Preferably private message at first.) we will explain how the business functions. If you can mine mithril or higher, we are extremly interested. If you can smith full steel or higher we are interested. Please help us get this business going. If you are just looking to make quick buck on the side we are the right choice. Come on down and check us out. If you fear that the business model we will be the suppliers. The economy is off balance right now. Help us fix it. Join our clan chat or private message and tell me what you want to be. There are three options. We need lots of suppliers, not alot of deliverers but some. And both is mostly for people who own a part of the business. Suppliers are needed. 1. Deliverer 2. Supplier 3. Both Put these things on your reseme. 1. Runescape Name 2. Mining level 3.Smithing level 4. What type of worker you want to be. The idea for all employs is to make you contracters. When you private message Kliff ton he will explain the business model to you.
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