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  1. Other than the 1:11 fish:str/agil then none is assumed for fishing (even though that is ever so slightly off due to angler) Typical 3t with snow is around 15k/h magic, I don't know of anyone who has a consistent rate for cut+eat 3t with imbue.
  2. How is it unfair? Everyone can do it. People choose not to.
  3. The ehp representation is still a bit funky if you imbue with fishing, seeing as it doesn't seem to calc magic into fish.
  4. Just out of curiosity, why? I'm obviously a bit biased, but doing xp would kick out the likes of N01, Big Mo Sucks, and Yisuz (dusty and runes too but who cares) in favour of people who are upwards of 1000 hours behind at some points. Sticking with xp seems extremely inaccurate and just gerenally archaic when a system that is as accurate as EHP exists.
  5. Don't worry. It was hotfixed because it was a bug. Thanks jagex.
  6. I'd be really curious to maybe see if any rs3 players who watch this thread could check what the xp rates are on that game with the relevant boost from ardy cape is on there. Because if we can assume that rs3 is working correctly (sadly, this is a lot more likely than osrs working correctly) then a large difference in the two would quite clearly demonstrate that it's a bug, and not just an intended increase.
  7. I thought that it was kinda an assumed thing that day records are set with 30h logs? I know that on osrs most #1 days are done like this.
  8. Why are you playing a game based around clicking repeatedly and grinding if you don't like clicking repeatedly and grinding?
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