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  1. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  2. Welcome to the RuneTips Forums; we are happy to have you on board. ^.^
  3. Welcome back to the RuneTips Forums, and welcome back to what will soon be RuneScape 3. ^.^
  4. Thank you for your support, and thank you for the good luck as I will need it.
  5. We are happy to announce that we have reached twenty five wonderful clan members, and we continue to grow everyday. We have also released a Twitter account specifically for the Blades of the South announcements. We have also released the a TeamSpeak server specifically for our clan members, and it's currently online 24/7. Thank You Austin Presley
  6. I'm happy to announce that I have achieved skill mastery in the skills of Strength, and Constitution. I was able to obtain these achievement with great ease. I trained on the Fire Giants at the Brimhaven Dungeon, and I have to say there drops got me some good money. I'm now moving on to getting skill mastery in Range, and I can't wait to add another skillcape to my collection. Strength Skill Mastery Constitution Skill Mastery Would you like to get more updates on my progress? If so, you should follow me on twitter @SgtAzazel_RS. Thank You Austin Presley
  7. Description: I will be celebrating a dual skill mastery party today at 1:00 P.M. Central Time Zone; the party will be on world 66 starting at the Lumbridge Castle. Everyone who shows up for the party will follow me through the area as I go on a rampage killing everything in sight. Everyone is welcome so please feel free to come hangout. Date: 07 July 2013 Time: 1:00 P.M. Central Time Zone World: 66 Location: Lumbridge Castle RSN: SgtAzazel Contact info: @SgtAzazel_RS
  8. It's a new rare that was added into RuneScape recently through Squeal of Fortune; other than the money you can make off the new crowns they are pretty much useless. They are pretty much just for show; as stated above.
  9. I'm excited to see if I will be able to join the Editorial Panel; I hope for the best for everyone. Good luck! ^.^
  10. Welcome to the RuneTips Forums; we are glad to have you apart of the community.
  11. - Official RuneScape Thread - Official Blades Twitter - Introduction Dear Champion, Welcome to the Blades of the South; We are looking for new warriors that are worthy of the title. During the creation of the world we know as Gielinor there were a select few inhabitants that were born to be the first righteous warriors, and these warriors were called The Blades of Gielinor. Our ancestors were born throughout the southern portion of the world, and since then we have maintained our homes within the beautiful city known as Falador. Ever since our clan was brought about we have focused on every aspect of RuneScape which include Player Vs. Monster, Skilling, and Social. We proudly welcome everyone into our prestigious clan, and with that being said there will never be any level requirements to join the ranks of The Blades. Clan Information Clan Founder: SgtAzazel. Clan Co-Founder: Vetrro. Home World: World 77. Home World: World 03. Foundry Date: 03 July, 2013. Clan Size: Twenty One Blades Alive. Clan Requirements We require a few key things from our fellow players in order for them to join our rank, and these are the following: You must be willing to participate in maintaining The Blades Clan Citadel. You must be apart of either the Pay 2 Play, or Free 2 Play parties. You must be active within the RuneScape Community, and you must be willing to have a good time. Contact Information You can contact us via in-game private message by messaging one of the following deputy owners. SgtAzazel - Vetrro - A L 3 C You can post an application on the official RuneScape Forums which is linked above. For more information please read the Official RuneScape Thread, or E-mail [email protected] Thank You Austin Presley
  12. You guys are something else; I love to see this joking around in the community. I feel welcomed into the community, and I'm happy that I joined. :-)
  13. I just leveled my Strength, I'm now level 93.

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