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    sure, but i know a guy who sells final boss titles.  1500m and he'll do the whole thing for ya.


    honestly the whole thing would be solved if they made final boss require 100 of all hardmodes too.


    Then go true Final Boss and do it all in hardmode (where applicable). 




    saying "true final boss" is just a lame excuse to try and make the title more elite, just like true trim requirements


    final boss still requires a lot of skill, true defeater title is probs a bit harder to get nowadays but it's also easily buyable


    don't see how the guy can do final boss for you, does that mean he access your acc to do the kilns and araxxors cus I doubt it'd be fun to have a leech for high enrage duos


    grats on final boss mate


    Success has a 533m month right now idk if anyone has noticed...



    159mil Herblore and 129mil Summon over BXP weekend wil ldo that

    Just the fact he was that far up on the leaderboards with so little herb/summ xp is impressive in itself
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    Actually i needed about 30m fletch xp to be able to finish it off losslessly


    Filthy casual. Do I really need to lecture you on efficiency?
    He fanboys dseance more than enough to require lectures in efficiebcy.

    Btw siq mage gainz you spoke about in a previous video before elf city

  4. So now it's cool to not care about achievement, dammit i can never keep up with the xp trends :(

    Rs community are messed up. One week they'll root for and support the people putting their lives on hold for achievements, the next they just talk shtIf only rs was still about making the most out of the few hrs you played like zarfot did, and less about who could chug energy drinks and coffee and stay up for 100 hrs sleep for 5
    Your mistake is in assuming that the people in this topic, or in forums in general, are all of Runescape. There's way more than just the folks who talk here. Runescape is about plenty more than folks chugging energy drinks, heh.

    I know rs is about more than that. This thread is mainly about discussing the people I described above though :)


    Grats Alkan! Wht's next hmm

    Also noticed suomi is on the grind again

    Yep, the broad arrow fallacy. They're infinite xp/hour, so fletching xp has no value, so doing broads on their own isn't any more productive than standing around.


    Yet every1 and their nan stood around doing broads cus cheap xp.. topkek


    Sry for double on phone

  5. So now it's cool to not care about achievement, dammit i can never keep up with the xp trends  :(

    Rs community are messed up. One week they'll root for and support the people putting their lives on hold for achievements, the next they just talk sht

    If only rs was still about making the most out of the few hrs you played like zarfot did, and less about who could chug energy drinks and coffee and stay up for 100 hrs sleep for 5

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  6. The butthurt from le mods are real omfg.



    Cue all the discussions about how his dice money got him there, how others deserve it more blahblah morals in rs are dead blah eehash1 blah dseance gonna beat alkan no he doesn't care bleh


    Next weeks topics summed up boys



    I mean he cares just not enough to start no lifing right now.  Hes going at his own pace which is pretty fast tbh, like 100 hours this week, but he isn't going to play more than he wants to keep his rank right now


    Why do you always make such huge assumptions? I see you making assumptions on so many players like you're some kind of expert but I can't help but feel you never have any way to back them up

    Because i talk to him and he literally said exactly what i just said on stream when someone asked what he thinks about alkan passing him eventually.  I talk to a lot of these players somewhat regularly


    Also ya i feel like afking rs helps me get stuff done sometimes.  Sometimes i just have to log out and concentrate, but other times it really does help pass the time and just help me get things done.  It really depends on the situation

    Dseance does not class as every top plaer "somewhat regularly"


    Before you say you talk to others, you've pretty much appeared as a spokesperson for dseance, saying stuff he tells you and speak on behalf of him and whatnot lol. Luxury of being lolfamous on lolrs

  8. I read this thread every now and again. Every time I am impressed by how much devotion some players have to reach that magical 200M xp milestone. To me 100 hours per week is an extreme amount, and yet people here only speak about it as "going at his own pace", as if it was nothing special at all. I mean how the beep does these guys earn a living? I think I have so little time over nowadays, but for these guys, with all the RS playtime they take on, they can't have time for even visiting the WC...

    Still I got to say I am impressed by their motivation.

    You gotta neglect stuff like that unless you live at home/have rich parents.

    Alkan is fortunate enough to be above 100k subs on yt so he has an income from that, though I am sure it would be higher if he knew how to edit/put time into learning how to, been watching him for a few yrs now since he started his alt, and he still uses purely cantasia and has weirdscreen resizing and the big blue boxes :-:

    O well maybe after 5.2b he will put more time into making various content and proper editing




    Perhaps not the best place to ask, but here goes nothing:


    Jebrim, how much does the recent changes to FPF affect it on overall?


    I decided to test FPF today and lol...

    When they said they removed penalty, they didn't also mention that they also removed the bonus you got if you actually followed the rules... Now it's essentially as if the penalty exists the entire time instead of only some of the time, good going Jagex lmao. FPF got a major nerf.

    P.S. The main English FPF world is completely empty. That's a bad sign lmao.

    Is it a bad sign or a consequence of the nerf you just mentioned?   :o


    Actually a couple people did end up showing up, but still... I think people tested FPF and realized they weren't getting good rates after the update and therefore didn't stay. I made a video now about it:


    My favorite bit was 1:24
  10. The interview series would be great to get it out there and maybe create some interesting debates afterwards, but unfortunately Rs youtube is all about random ass childish short films and sketches now, there's barely any "efficiency" interested people around yt these days cus it's "xp waste"


    best of luck with the interview series it would be interesting for sure

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  11. Wow, I remember seeing this thread a short while after I created my tip.it account...

    Going to take awhile to catch up on all the posts since then. lol



    a fair percentage of them are just bullshit & drama, so if you plan to read it all, read up to around the release of div and then start skipping a ton cus everything from then to now have just been a lot of blahblah back and forth.



    Also Jeb, drowns has never skyped with any of us in talent squad he won't just randomly skype someone with 20 subs to do an interview, ain't no gainer got time 4 dat

  12. Hey i dont mean to do any self promoting i just feel like this is relevant to this thread's audience.


    I am hoping to do a series of interviews of well known rs players or players with great achievements, etc.


    Basically the list of people id like to interview is-

    Dragonseance, Paperbag, Alkan, Jake, basically just if your on top page id be interested

    Drowns, Jebrim, G0d vs D3vil wouldn't be a bad one


    Any others please let me know.  I am saying this hear because 1. people here track top skillers and are also interested in high level content 2. many of the people i would like to interview read this thread.


    Please if you are on that list shoot me a pm  my private is always on and lets see if we can work something out



    good luck interviewing GvD, last time I met him the only word he knew how to squeeze out inbetween gainz was L


    and if you think interviews over skype or w/e, gl getting drowns to skype he's never skyped with people in his own clan doubt he'd do it with a random

  13. I think Alkan can beat Dragonseance if he plays 1.6x as much as Dragonseance is playing. Though, how much they gain during double xp weekend is unpredictable.

    Pretty sure alkan plays more but he still has a life similar to dseance

    Imo they are probs the 2 smartest top pagers, they have sacrificed stuff to get where they are, but they're still able to maintain social connections and do other things than rs 20 hrs a day. Most top pagers just give up everything for rs and it feels like they got nothing to do when they're done. Idk what drumgun is doing but forsberg is going so hard on osrs now it was not even a surprise he would go over to osrs to maintain his problems


    To me the top pager that is the best at maintaining a balanced life both while and eventually after max xp is the best ones

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  14. No max guild didn't help at all unless you do rocktails.  Elf city in general doesn't provide any of the best xp rates that i can think of off the top of my head.  Pickpocketing is slower however it has other benefits so its actually worth doing, mining is slower than warbands, smithing is worse than warbands and a lot of other methods.  I guess it had the largest impact on slayer but i feel like that was a nice update.


    I could be missing something but ya elf city doesnt really have much as far as OP skilling methods, just a nice social place to skill which i think is what they were going for, plus just some cool stuff other than skilling.


    Can't wait to see the second batch, will make theiving nicer atleast

    R u maxed? Cus if you were, you'd know that max guild lrc tele sends you to the rope entrance. You save maybe 30seconds instead of running from edge lode L
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  15. If you cannot attempt to stay on topic without insulting, attempting to initiate an argument, or keep your content mature, simply do not post.

    If you see anyone doing otherwise, do not reply. Even if your response is attempting to pull the conversation into a more pleasant direction and especially if your comment is along the same lines as above.


    I'm aware that this thread is less active but that is no excuse to continue the spam and flames that plague it.


    Thread unlocked, if you have any questions my PM is open, as well as the other moderators.

    - Steph.

    Dam u tryin too hard


    Updates on segers alkan and gnr any1



    Gratz to Alkan for finally passing me, was about time!


    200M Divination and Invention you can still be the bestest player ever don't give up Runescape 4 [email protected]@

    he is the best and he doesn't need to prove anything for us anymore:)
    ^ the fact he got it before all this bxp was dumped in says enough. If anything everyone else is only half as good. Even tho he's not 200m div, ai am pretty sure everyone besides drum did it with crazy amounts of bxp, alkan has had bxp in div since he was like 30m xp so yh not rly that cool
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