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  1. This has been happening as long as I can remember, I don't know how I can about explaining this, so I'll try my best.

    When I left-click or right-click inside of the SwiftKit client, it acts as if I'm clicking out of the client, then clicking back in. Highlighting the taskbar. Here's a GIF to show you what I mean. Look closely at where all of the links are. IE file, view, etc.


    Also, what is that white thing on the left side of my client? I've tried removing SwiftKit, restarting my PC, then re-installing it again. That does not seem to fix either of these things.

  2. This isn't an issue with SwiftKit or Imageshack i believe its because IPB and vB are modern forums and use rich text editors. Instead of using the bbcode try just using the direct link and clicking the image button.

    I've actually been able to post this on Forums such as vBulletin & IP.Board prior to this. Just recently this past week is the only time I've experienced this. I've also been using these websites for over a year. Never had this before. >_>


    To the Moderators, if you see this; sorry for breaking the rules! That is my main avatar, I'm so used to using it on every site I visit. As for the Private Servers, I didn't mean to actually "advertise" it! Again, sorry for the inconvenience!

  3. Hello, all!

    Approximately a week ago, I've started encountering problems with screenshots. They'll upload perfectly fine, it's just when I paste them, they'll seem to disappear... Odd, right? Yeah. The image disappears, or just doesn't even show up.

    Often, I'll get this: qmnr.png


    Also, when I go in to edit the post since the image disappears, there will be no image link. It will just be this: [/img]


    The following Forums I encounter this problem on: vBulletin & IPBoards. (Note: my Default Browser is Google Chrome).

    I've re-installed SwiftKit, I've done everything I could to think of a solution for this, nothing has worked.

    Thoughts? Is this happening to anybody else?



    EDIT: It happened on this site, too! Could this be a problem with ImageShack? Imgur seems to work for me MOST of the time. Eventually, I'll have to alter between the two & they'll both fail sometimes. SwiftKit is an everyday tool I use, & I hope to see this issue be resolved!

    Now using imgur to upload the screenshots.



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