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  1. Hello once again :P. I am back to play RuneScape again, however I decided to discontinue this blog. You can add me in game! -> MeSoWicked Cya!
  2. Last update before I take a break, not sure how long it will be. :D 62 & 63 Farming -> Did lots of trees(willows, maple and a yew tree + Fruit trees.) Good bye and thanks for viewing my blog! RS Status: Non-Active
  3. Another update, enjoy~ 73 & 74 Cooking 84 Strength 71 Slayer Hard Clue #1 Hard Clue #2 Hard Clue #3 That's it for today, thanks for passing by! :d
  4. Another update, enjoy~ 78 Hitpoints 83 Strength 70 Slayer Hard Clue #1 72 Fishing That's it for today, :D! C u~
  5. Good progress :D, something is wrong with your signature. :p
  6. Heya, another update! Enjoy~ 81 Strength 69 Slayer 82 Strength Must have been the worst barrows chest loot in whole rs, 3k gp lol. Hard Clue #1 Med Clue #1 That's it for today, :D! 4 Days membs left. >.>
  7. Heya~ Here is the update of today, enjoy. 77 Hitpoints 68 Slayer 61 Farming 71 Fishing *Important* -> My membership is running out and I'm probably not going to re-sub. I will make a post that I'm going to take a break, not sure how long. Just a heads up. :D C u!
  8. Heya, another update! Enjoy~ 80 Strength Hard Clue #1 Hard Clue #2 Med Clue #1 (At cockatrice while farming limps) 62 & 63 Herblore Did lots of herb secondaries farming and wasted 2~ hours trying to get +5 crafting boost which didn't happen lol. Thanks for coming by, c u!
  9. Hey everyone~ Played quite a lot today, enjoy! 66 Slayer 76 Hitpoints 79 Strength 67 Slayer Hard Clue #1 Hard Clue #2 Med Clue #1 That's the update for today, C u!
  10. Hey there, did a bit of RuneScape today. Two levels gained, screenshots below! 78 Strength 60 Farming Now going to the Hobbit Marathon with the premiere of the new one. :DD!!!!!! C u around!
  11. 2 Tooth halfs and an ahrims hood, can't get any better. :p
  12. Aaaaand another day of RuneScape~ Enjoy! 75 Hitpoints 70 Ranged 65 Slayer 73 Magic 77 Strength at Black demons task, the exp is amazing o-o. Clue #1 Clue #2 5 Barrows chests. (Just a nightmare really..) That's it for today, C u!~
  13. Heya, today some Range training, barrows run and Miscellania gathering! 64-69 Range + Obby maul drop Another 5 barrows chests today Miscellania gathered + Herb stack results That's it for today, thanks for visiting!
  14. Heya, did some slayer and barrows runs. Enjoy :P 64 Slayer 70 Defence 72 Magic 5 Barrows runs done, got tooth key half. Gglife. (Upgraded Iban staff to 2500 Charges) Clue #1 - Meh Clue #2 - Zammmmmmmmmyyyyyy pageeeeeeeeee That was it for today, C u~
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