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  1. Trance Music, please try and keep discussion on topic instead of posting about combat XP and asking Viore questions you could ask in game or through a PM.
  2. Suomi was the closest to 200m all skills in around 2009-10, Rank 1 EHP will be rank 1 in my updates when they have the most overall Xp :P I will however try and mention EHP rank changes etc in the comment though :) Also here's a little list I compiled: Players with the most skills over 100m Xp: 1. Malt Lickeys (6)2. Hey Jase (5)3. Lynx Titan (5)4. Randalicious (5)5. Vestfold (4)6. Sick Nerd (4)7. Unohdettu2 (4)8. Rigondeaux (3)9. Oskar (3)10. Viore (3) Players with the most skills over 50m Xp: 1. Randalicious (9)2. Sick Nerd (8)3. Hey Jase (7)4. Lynx Titan (6)5. Vestfold (6)6. Malt Lickeys (6)7. Senzewilson (6)8. Trance Music (5)9. Mini Finbarr (5)10. Mmichael (5) Not sure about the accuracy as I just browsed the top page and top players in skills for the info, if there are any corrections I'll edit them in :D
  3. Thanks! I didn't and most likely won't write the updates based on EHP. Reason 1 is that it's not how langer and A13D wrote them and everyone else who took care of them in the old days, I'd rather keep the style as similar as possible. Reason 2 is that personally I'd rather monitor and comment on XP changes. Finally it allows me some diversity when writing them, writing "Lynx Titan gained 130 EHP this week, Randalicious gained 110 EHP this week" is a lot more monotonous and dull that writing "Lynx Titan spread his 130 EHP week over Herblore, Firemaking and Smithing, gaining 2m Xp in these skills". Hopefully people don't mind too much! Oh and also, I know about Viore, just a little banter. Why does the GE change anything? Due to the increased Nature Rune prices?
  4. Update of the Top 10 1. Hey Jase (1.364B Xp) +17m Xp - Switching it up this week, rank 1 has chosen to train Herblore (2.4m Xp), Smithing (12m Xp) and Firemaking (2.6m Xp). Other than that, placeholding as usual ;) Coming Milestones: 100m Smithing 2. Sick Nerd (1.333B Xp) +0 - Sick Burnout m8 Coming Milestones: Nothing in sight. 3. Randalicious (1.295B Xp) +35m Xp - Maintaining his usual pace and spread, Hexis' Leader has gained 27m Construction, 4m Smithing and 2.7m Strength. We should expect to see a permanant #1 Construction in the next 3 weeks! He also gained a rank this week over a certain "Handsome Norwegian". Coming Milestones: 1.3B Overall Xp, 150m Construction 4. Vestfold (1.288B Xp) +6.6m Xp - Running laps as expected, He's gained 4.4m Agility and 1.5m Magic. Coming Milestones: 1.3B Overall Xp, 60m Agility 5. Lynx Titan (1.278B Xp) +30m Xp - Huge gains from Fors this week, destroying the 100m Smithing Xp barrier and ending on 118m Xp. He also maintained his usual farming pace, reaching and surpassing 40m Xp in the skill. Coming Milestones: 1.3B overall Xp, 150m Smithing 6. Malt Lickeys (972M Xp) +8.5m Xp - A little Slayer for our rank 1, but also focusing on Fishing and Farming, gaining 1.8m Xp and 1.2m Xp respectively. Coming Milestones: 1B Overall Xp 7. Oskar (957M Xp) +3.6m Xp - A slow week for Oskar, only gaining 3.2m Fletching Xp and sleeping. Expect them to be passed by Viore within the next 2 weeks. Coming Milestones: 200m Fletching 8. Viore (953M Xp) +9.5m Xp - A varied week for the first lady of Xp, gaining 3m Fishing, 2m crafting and 3m Theiving! Coming Milestones: 150m Thieving 9. Capt King (929M Xp) +8.9m Xp - Gaining only thieving Xp this week, he's reached 110m. He's pretty safe in the top 10 and should be competing with Viore and Oskar for the next few weeks. Coming Milestones: Nothing in site. 10. Rigondeaux (922M Xp) +14m Xp - Big gains for Rigondeaux, Congratulations on 200m Fletching! He also got over 1m Slayer and Farming Xp. Coming Milestones: Nothing in site. Thanks for reading! <3
  5. Little update of the Top 5 for anyone that doesn't stalk Runetracker/CML: 1. Hey Jase, our resident "Placeholder" Rank 1 and everyone's favourite underdog has stopped training Firemaking after hitting 100m Xp, making him the first person to 5 skills over 100m Xp. From his recent gains it looks like he's now focusing on Herblore, I'm interested to see how far he takes that! 2. Sick Nerd has gained 269k... Riveting stuff mate :P 3. Vestfold gained lots of Agility and Magic Xp... Again. He's hit 55m Agility and is maintaining his EHP lead with the closest active competitor over 700 hours behind him. Keep running them laps and enjoying your anime :D 4. Randalicious is still tearing through construction, almost hitting 120m Xp and so far setting a 105m Xp month record - over double that of Wigins 52m attempt. He's also sneaking up on Vestfold's rank 3 position, however far behind he might be in EHP. 5. Skillersl's Alt Lynx Titan is making good progress Smithing (as expected) taking both the week and month record and fast approaching 100m Smithing Xp (96m currently). He's also gained his usual dose of Farming Xp, hitting 40m yesterday. Outside the Top 5: Malt Lickeys has reached 130m Slayer Xp Dusty and Runes are still racing head to head both having reached 130m Runecraft Xp If you guys like or dislike updates like this or think this thread isn't active enough for them, let me know and I'll continue to do them or just do little ones when the thread is inactive :P I could also do them for the top 10 or 15 like Based Langer used to if people would like it :)
  6. For our fallen hero Rigondeaux, may his precious hands recover from RSI and his Xp gains be ever golden <3 http://imgur.com/gallery/fyIj0He/new
  7. Congratulations to our new #1 Hey Jase, overtaking Sick Burnout (even with that 300k xp gain)! Those Firemaking gains should help him to reach 1.4B soon and retain his position :)
  8. Randalicious has hit 100m Construction Xp; halfway to becoming permanent rank 1 in the skill! Hey Jase is making good Firemaking progress and is likely to be the first person to 5 200m's :D
  9. If you don't mind me asking Jebrim; Have your plans changed in regards to 1B Agility? Are you still doing 100m 07 then 210m more on RS3? :)
  10. Also second person to 4 200m's :) If that 800k Firemaking Xp is any indicator of his future plans, we could see a new rank 1 fairly soon! :D
  11. Absolutely, He definitely changed the game when he started going hard. His multi-tasking ability is impressive to say the least!
  12. Yeah maybe it was badly phrased, I have only respect for Randalicious, donations or not. He's the one who's using the planks after all. I didn't mean it to come across as if I thought he was cheating. Maybe "snatched" would be a better
  13. Lynx Titan is continuing his trend of getting 99 Fletching in a single day every few days, smashing the 150m Xp mark on his way. Randalicious has also stolen The record was legit the Construction week record and is slithering his way towards Wigins' month, exciting times :) Edit: Ensuring Kaiman isn't confused/offended
  14. I wonder how long the ban will be for all the people abusing AFK Guthans... Kappa
  15. I think it's a stackable boost, so say 5% from medium + 10% from hard + 15% from elite type deal (not sure if those are the actual figures) EDIT: ahh, its's 10% less failing from pickpocketing in ardougne from medium stacking with 10% less failing from pickpocketing in general from hard.
  16. Trance was doing Heroes at 389k/hr last I checked. I wonder how long until they nerf this... In other news Randalicious is making use of those planks with his almost 8m construction today!
  17. Construction is the last skill where there's still potential for anybody to become rank 1. Why he would give that up is beyond me, if he wanted rid of the planks that badly I would've taken them off his hands.
  18. I wonder how people's opinions of him will change now. Personally I couldn't care less about donations but it's definitely a touchy subject around here :P
  19. That's crazy! Do you know if Randalicious is now going for it straight away?
  20. Looks like Wigins is getting a little salty at the thought of competition...
  21. So Vestfold has started Construction... I'd be surprised if he can beat AndrewWigins to #1, but I'm thinking he'll overtake Adam soon enough :D
  22. Gratz to Drumgun on Day/Week/Month Smithing records on Runetracker at 22/75/110m xp
  23. That's why S U O M I is the best RuneScape player in my opinion! 200m mining, farming, smithing before warbands, all before OP TH promotions, all before OP Bonus XP like stealing creation and barbarian assault, all combat/slayer before OP EoC methods, 200m agility before Silverfag boots, 200m all before divine locations, 200m dung before sinkholes and daily challenges. Simply the best! Finland in my heart forever! :)
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