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  1. updated with new requirements!
  2. As heralds bringing in the new era of pure clanning, Trauma is preparing to take the LPC scene by brute force. Led by experienced and active ranks and driven on by a core of intensely competitive members, Trauma is on course to fulfill the dream of In Vas Por by bringing life back to the pure scene. Without organisation and respect, this tumultuous pure community is bound to fall apart. Trauma is working as problem solvers to bring the dominant pure community back to RuneScape. With limited space available and 50-75 combat requirements, apply to Trauma today before the memberlist fills up! Site http://clan-trauma.com Teamspeak trauma.ts3dns.com IRC #Trauma Leaders Drawde Zack Warlord Allen Councils Vikings Josh Patrick GSRD Combat 50-75 Attack 40+ Strength/Range 70+ Defence 1-5
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