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  1. How watching game of thrones with my mum looks like :P Please share on social media if you like :) All the best and thank you, bert
  2. Thanks for the feedback man! :) Really appreciated.
  3. Hello! I was so tired of cutting Yew Logs that I made a YouTube-video about my life, handicap and job. :) I am from Belgium, so how much would you give my english out of 10? :) Cheers! (feel free to subscribe btw :D i have like 10 subs, lol, totally noobing on youtube, haha)
  4. Hi everyone, I got members today, for the first time in my life. Which skill could I exploit/train in p2p to make money and still have fun :) ? For instance: what monsters could I slay with these stats to get good drops with my levels? Or what and where can I mine or fish or woodcut that is good money and still fun. :) Thanks in advance! Here are my stats: Thanks in advance again! All the best, x vrt
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