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  1. In my job, some of our data is stored here: https://www.ovh.com/fr/hebergement-web/ It often happens that big servers like JaGex ones refuse connection from unkown sources to prevent hacks (I think they reinforce their security policy after the multiple ddos attacks of the previous months). Malicious people don't use OVH to troll JaGex :shades: What about a home made web server ? ^^
  2. Very nice job on your website redisgn Lt |^_^| Don't worry about us for the problems you're encountering, we all know it's not your fault haha (and it does not hurt me so much) ^^ But if you can't reach the server, my idea was to provide you an update on your existing f2phiscores list (in a txt file for example). I think it won't take me so much time to write. I don't know whether it could help you in any way, but of course this would be a temporary solution :rolleyes:
  3. I could try working on a fast script to fetch free-to-players data if it can temporarily help you.
  4. Is your script based on downloading hiscores pages, and then parsing them ? If so, would it be possible they updated some markup names or page structure which prevent your program running correctly ?
  5. Hi Lt :shades: It seems the daily update has not been processed during this double xp weekend, and the last node in my xp history curve is stuck on october the 16th. Are there any updating issues on f2phiscores.com ?
  6. Hello guys, Please could you add Brother Mind to the list ? ;) Thanks in advance :shades:
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