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  1. Hi there, Recently began playing RS3 again, had this account for almost a month, 70 combat level, 952 total level. Pretty much looking for a highly active and social clan community. I mostly want to be able to hold a conversation throughout the day with a good number of players, and have people i can quest with or do whatever with. Ya know? Really just want a social community to be welcomed into and participate in events, wars, or whatever they have to offer. My main thing is population though... Really want a large population, i am on atleast 10 hours a day, and it gets boring with no one to talk to. I will gladly participate and contribute everything i can to the clan. I am 18+ y/o and a mature, talkative, helpful and determined player. Feel free to add me and message me in-game: Aeeziah Or email me: [email protected] Thanks for your time, Happy hunting. 60 / 56 / 43 47 / 8 / 53 51 / 11 / 37 46 / 20 / 53 38 / 46 / 79 55 / 48 / 56 7 / 24 / 1 50 / 2 / 22 38 / 1 Total: 952 Combat: 70
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