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  1. This is actually dope - congratz on the 200m that is an impressive feat.
  2. Updates updates [bleep]dates: DRAGON SLAYERRRRR: [bleep] I AINT [bleep]IN WIT YEWWWW: Pray to god he doesn't find my blog:
  3. I R RUNE 'SCAPING: Then decided to do some Slayin': BANG BANG: 100% will be doing Dragon Slayer tonight so that'd cool! Aiming for 65-70 Combat by the end of this coming weekend.
  4. So many pictures I almost get a hard on. Goal is to get 50 Defence, by the end of today, so hopefully I can get that.
  5. Blah blah my blog sucks but more updates: Actually really proud of getting 40 Slayer at 53 combat so that's cool.
  6. Levels levels levels... 2 levels from 40 Slayer - hopefully will get that tonight, but we'll see.
  7. Got this with my bonus exp aura: Also got 56 Smithing but missed the picture.
  8. Mostly flipping - but I am currently not doing much of it because prices are [bleep]ing off-the wall right now. Got members back so just logged in to get shit durn.
  9. Membership ran out and don't have money at the moment to refill it so going to be on break for a few days; but here's what I've done in the past few days prior to that happening:
  10. Did a lot yesterday; hopefulyl will be able to get even more done this afternoon.
  11. Two more: Gonna do some questing and slayer today. Good shit; let's do this break well.
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