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  1. If I mtk raw fish then I'll have to c2 fish or do barb fishing. I'll only learn to hate myself more X.X
  2. I hate being an adult. I'm going to start being a 12 year old again. Just finished work for the week, past three days I pumped out 34 hours rip my feet. Itching to get back to scape, but atm trying to get some food with 0 money irl. Brb lil five finger discount. Funny story, got to campus this week but boss had keys and was on the way home. Wait like 30 mins and get the clever idea to try to pick the lock on the door only to get caught by a coworker. Luckily the keys were hidden outside the office. That was fun explaining that. To celebrate success last night we ordered like 75$ worth of pizza and man was it delicious. Just wish I didn't pig out as much now. 6 of us total destroyed all that pizza. Also I met a guy who has a brother who runs some museum in Illinois or something so he's going to talk to him and I'm going to call about a possible internship. My college requires us to do an internship @ 180 hours at least for graduation as one of the requirements. Also talking with someone at a neighboring college to go study aboard in Italy. But enough about irl; as far as scape goes I dinged 75 mining and started fishing to get the cooking up.
  3. not dead. Playing pokemon reborn/working a lot atm. I'll prob make an update when I unlock prif.
  4. almost forgot I had one of this for a mo. Then realized I was taking pics. Odd.
  5. Thanks :D I agree. I put I think 14 hours in the past two days on New Vegas. Soooo much fun.
  6. big update. Bank pic too Bank. Herbs should be in order? Seeds should. I think the tt items are
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