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  1. I propose a revamp to the quest system, one that would allow for replaying all of our favorite (and least favorite) quests and set up a tiered process of improving your quest cape. This would be similar to the prestige system in the Funorb game Arcanists, where, once you buy all of the spells, you can use a feature called Prestige. Each time you Prestige, a mark above your character's head gets a little bigger and more defined, until you reach Level 10 Prestige. This Prestige mark helps distinguish the more experienced players from the lesser. This would be a revamp of the quest journal that, once completed, allows you to go to the Wise Old Man and reset it. Upon resetting your questing journal, you will be transported back to Tutorial Island/Sir Vant's Dungeon/wherever new players start nowadays and begin the Learning the Ropes quest. Your character will experience a loss of memory, all of your quests will be set to Not Started (colored in red), and you can do them all again. Once you redo all the quests, you will receive a certain piece of exclusive equipment and an adjustment to the design/color of your quest cape. The first time you complete all the quests, you will be given a quest cape. Each time you reset your quest journal, then do all the quests again. There could be a limit to how many times you can use this function, or not. Upon completing all of the quests, you talk to the Wise Old Man in Draynor Village and he gives you a exclusive item, with each item being better than the last. I would imagine these items would be similar to the task system outfit, a single outfit with each piece giving special benefits/effects. Additionally, each successive playthrough of a quest could provide subsequently larger experience rewards, to add incentive to continue to 'Prestige' your Quest Cape. This should also be rewarded with new titles. The premise behind this idea is a revamp to the Quest Cape to make it more unique than just a regular skillcape. Also it would probide the ability to replay certain entertaining and exciting quests. I believe it would reintegrate quests as an integral part of Runescape. Like this idea? It is also posted on the Runescape Forums, QFC: 185-186-132-65563844 Support this idea on RuneLabs Link to Runelabs Idea: https://[LikelyScam]/m=player-proposal/c=xo9J6C1KVUs/view-idea?idea=15426 Have any suggestions/improvements/think it sucks? Leave a comment!
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