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  1. Warehouse pallet racking used for efficient distribution of piece goods various goods in boxes, cartons or containers in the trading halls, warehouses and other industrial buildings. Used selective pallet racking https://www.arkerconfig.com/product-category/pallet-racking/ reduce costs of storage of the goods and the expense of increasing the stratification and square stock. These racks are sturdy and durable, mobile, during the operation, transportation and installation. Storage racks are collapsible design, made of metal, so their functionality increases significantly - they are subject to multiple collection and, accordingly, the analysis without loss of technical performance or usability. The peculiarity of such racks is the possibility of creating complete systems, consisting of several sections, each with a different number of storage tiers in each rack row. We offer our customers storage racks at optimum cost. Own production allows us to create a unique design of storage racks with the wishes of the end user. Design. The material from which made the manufacture of metal shelving - high-quality metal, which can be an advantage, such as dejnost, durability, capacity. These parameters are achieved by the thickness of the metal used, the design of the shelves and the main attachment points. Technical characteristics. Storage racks can be fabricated with different technical characteristics. Custom can be a stand height, length and depth of the shelves, Max. load per shelf, the base depth. Factory rack equipment Nordica produces racks of any size, any color according to RAL catalogue for all food and non-food formats of modern trade. The possibility of integration. The design of the our racks is that they can line up, to form a sort of trade structure, improving the proportions of the space, creating a visually more space at the maximum load of goods.
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