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  1. haven't checked the other skill guides yet arceus, but might have to, to see if there is others :P and thanks for the warm welcome and yeah i did find a few proves on it before i actually made the post :P and i have added you essiw tip.it has always been a good site to use and been using it since it came out :P so now it's my turn to help a bit :^_^: and also welcome to the skiller hiscore arceus, even tho you aren't member are you still listed if you wanna have a look than feel free, you are currently the 4th best in prayer for skillers on it http://skillershub.com and simply toggle prayer to show |^_^| cheers Happy Craft untrimmed pray pure goal 200M prayer/current xps 120M |^_^|
  2. i have found a fail in the "xp req" for true master farming cape as the copy shows it says 104,273,166xps, but the real number is 104,273,167xps to get a 120 cape (master skillcape) "True Mastery" by obtaining "120 farming" which is 104,273,166 XP. and the picture below shows the xps needed for lvl 120 (master skillcape) and so does this picture from runescape i think that proves it enough for it to be corrected :P cheers Happy Craft untrimmed pray pure goal 200M prayer/current xps 120M |^_^|
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