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  1. I will be writing this week's top 15 for Sten on his behalf while he is busy making construction gains. 1 Lynx Titan 8,033EHP +134.74EHP+22,782,171XP: (19.6m Hunter)(1.2m Farming)(470k Hitpoints) Another similar week from Lynx as he approaches the 150m milestone in Hunter, with the expected Farming and Guthans exp on the side. It is also worth noting the 7k exp in Prayer which could indicate the charging of his bonecrusher and possibly 200m slayer in the near future. He also reached 8,000 EHP. Credit: Sorry Bonita ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 Vestfold 7,824EHP +31.98EHP +2,894,714XP: (1.9m Agility)(361k Farming)(600k Magic) Vestfold is currently getting sunburnt irl whilst on his vacation this week, but has still managed to obtain decent agility and imbue gains. Rumor has it that Vestfold is moving onto fishing after he reaches 100M Agility which should be in about a week. Credit: Tails ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3 Sick Nerd (Team Titan) 6,554EHP +0EHP +0XP: Inactive ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4 Hey Jase EHP 6,166EHP +68.36EHP +12,702,428XP: (9.8m Hunter)(1m Farming)(1.6m Herblore) Jase seems to have spent most of the week hunting with Lynx Titan with a mix of daily herblore, he has also achieved 1.6b overall xp last week and will achieve 50m hunter either today or tomorrow. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 Trance Music 6,008EHP +102.10EHP +4,095,815XP: (2.6m Runecrafting)(1m Farming)(200k Crafting) Basic runecrafting week from Trance_Music, rank 28 cooking, with some daily battlestaves crafting on the side, he achieved 6000 EHP the other day and is on pace for 50m runecrafting in about 4 weeks. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6 Malt Lickeys 5,884EHP +44.99EHP +10,150,277XP: (1.9m Slayer)(700k Farming)(3.7m Attack) Usual slayer week from rank 1 slayer. It also appears that Malt Lickeys has begun focusing on attack experience with slayer, he is also on pace to reach 150m slayer this week along with 6000 EHP the following week. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7 N01sperfect 5,863EHP +52.70EHP +1,469,316XP: (1.4m runecrafting) Usual runecrafting pace from rank one abyss runecrafter. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8 Randalicious 5,720EHP +50.39EHP +36,370,743XP: (29m Construction)(1.1m Farming)(2.2m Smithing) Rank one cons/leader of Hexis started up construction again this week with a little bit of smithing on the side with the usual weekly farming xp, he should finish 200m construction in a week. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9 Mini Finbarr 5,529EHP +49.86EHP +17,500,332XP: (16.5m Crafting)(1m Farming) Slower than usual crafting week from the leader of Solace due to traveling / unexpected illness, it also appears that he has started his journey as a farmer, he should achieve 200m crafting by the end of August which will be his 4th 200m. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10 Viore 5,320EHP +73.32EHP +13,084,828XP: (11.2m Hunter(1.4m Farming)(600k Magic) Viore is still hunting and has reached 50m exp in the skill. He seems to have picked up the pace and has switched from red to black chins with only minor exp in magic this week. Credit: Sorry Bonita -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11(+1) Gingbino (Fishkinging) 5,220EHP +72.47EHP +7,969,301XP: (5m Fishing)(1.2m Farming)(600k Magic) Stronger than normal fishing week from rank one clue scroller with the usual farming and imbues on the side, he is expected to achieve 50m fishing this week along with 40m farming. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12(-1) Viper Kai 5,208EHP +43.91EHP +14,650,781XP: (9.7m Cooking)(2.5m Smithing)(2.2m Herblore) Usual cooking week with some smithing and herblore on the side, he recently achieved 100m cooking, he should achieve 200m cooking in the next month or so. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13 Scottwilson 5,117EHP +5.03EHP +1,260,367:(200k Slayer)(200k Farming)(170k Hitpoints) Slower week from Scottwilson, he had some minor gains in slayer and farming. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 14(+2) Senze 5,049EHP +108.73EHP +15,102,953XP: (1.6m Runecrafting)(1.3m Slayer)(1.1m Farming) Seems like Senze finished his runecrafting 2.5x over ehp journey and has moved on to finish 20m slayer and then begin some minor agility gains, he should reach 20m agility by the end of this week. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15 Yisuz 4,905EHP +32.63EHP +1,224,686XP: (800k Runecrafting)(250k Farming) Usual runecrafting week from rank 2 abyss runecrafter with some farm runs and minor gains in prayer / magic this week. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Outside of the top 15: Vollini/Sotg/dcdcdcdcdcdc has beaten Bradfordly for the #1 agility month record, he set the record at 33,221,671 agility xp with 10.7m Magic xp and 6m farming which was a total of 550 ehp, meaning he averaged 17.77 hours/day for 31 days straight even throughout the tedious disconnections, huge props to him for sticking to it, impressive record. Off topic: Old School Runescape now has 100 maxed players (2277 total) meaning the Old School team will be discussing the possibilities of a max cape.
  2. two weeks in a row im two weeks from 50m hunt rip :( hopefully i'll get it this week tho
  3. Grats viore on 200m thieving!
  4. Sad, I had to grats myself when I get 1b :/
  5. Lynx has halted firemaking and has begun his hunter journey!
  6. For awhile I was convinced fors was doing rc on his alt while fming/imbueing/fletching which would be absolutely insane
  7. Congratulations to myself on achieving 1 billion overall experience.
  8. 27. Trickool 3,882.1 hours (+79.94 this week) why am i not included
  9. Although Trance_Music and I have our differences and don't get along well due to our romantic history, I thoroughly enjoyed his relevant update and evaluation of these well worthy candidates for 200m all. :)
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