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  1. Deez nutz? Double Nats no, hes on deez nutz grind... sounds painful
  2. 27. Trickool 3,882.1 hours (+79.94 this week) I don't follow
  3. Why am I not included among these casual players all doing fast skills with over ehp methods? I'm 10 times the player, and I demand to be included in the running for 200m all! Need I remind you that I have invested over 1000 hours into agility whilst tirelessly investing extra effort into casting magic imbue so to play in a macro-efficient manner. The fact that I have slaved one skill for such a long period of time proves how brilliant I am at this game. Needless to say agility is a slow skill, and thus more mentally challenging. I find it [bleep]ing appalling that I'm not considered a contender for 200m all, after all, I am a god amongst men.
  4. Trance_Music brings life to this thread, and personally, I love his contribution!
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