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  1. Not exactly if this is considered an ad or not but every once in a while I get a news video clip playing on this site and I cant get rid of it.  It is completely distracting and automatically has the audio turned up and occasionally its some news event that if over heard by someone else could be rather embarrassing if they don't know what is going on.  Please remove this obnoxious news video thing from your site, if I want news I'll gladly go to my trusted news website thank you very much!

  2. The guide in general needs a lot of work, it is so inefficient.  Here I will give a summary of what would be a more efficient guide.



    Items needed remains the same but do not need to bring raw octopus, (whatever the name in game is), start by getting ship from port siam to karamja, buy rum and pick banana. (DO NOT USE ANY FORM OF TRANSPORTATION WITH RUM) Talk to (use proper name here) about fishing (octopus), fish 22 of the special fish turn one to paste and leave other raw, take them back to fisherman, get vessel drop it and ask for another one, do this till you have 3 vessels, now go to (quest giver) and start quest.  Do fishing brother first.  On way to fishing bro kill jogger and take bones for later, use left over raw fish with vessel, talk to fish bro and then hand him baited vessel, take (octopus) and cook it to a poison and the grind it to a paste, and put it on spear, go see hunting bro give agil pot and iron or better spear(kp) make way to cairn isle pick up seaweed before climbing rocks, climb rock and talk to crafting bro SLICE BANANA use on rum give to crafter, leave isle kill monkey for corpse, take corpse to hunter get him to skin it use monkey skin with seaweed and take it back to crafter, light logs and use jogger bones with fire use paste from raw fish with burnt bones and use with fire to cook give to crafter, then give vessel to crafter, use loadstone and go to fisher, use loadstone and talk to papa, done.


    Like I said this is a summary.  I would expect you to lay it out as you normally do and make it more presentable.  This I am sure you will find is the least time consuming way to do the quest, and yes I am aware that it calls for meta gaming but hey if we were concerned about meta gaming we wouldn't be looking for walkthroughs in the first place.

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