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  1. Thanks for your help :) I should to figure it out . btw, why is my post always been moved ? lol
  2. The oven is opposite the Burthope bank , not near to the pottery wheel one, right ?
  3. I am not on yet :P oh i got a question, do you know how to make craked cooking urn ? That is a challenge for crafting .
  4. What skills are you working on ? :)
  5. Wanna more rs friends :)

  6. I am in a clan, but i dont talk too much with them. If you want , we can be friends in game :D
  7. I am always to get some good boots and capes, but i dont know what boot is good. Like for range , i am still wearing studded leather boot , my range is 48 now . and dont have good boots for melee too :(
  8. Our top three guesses for your English dialect: 1. Irish (Republic of) 2. US Black Vernacular / Ebonics 3. Singaporean Our top three guesses for your native (first) language: 1. Russian 2. Polish 3. Hungarian I am not Irish :P
  9. Thanks, you are so nice. I will add you in game later ,working now :D
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