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  1. I agree with what Gemeos said in regards to adaptability with flipping. I have made most of my money from flipping 3a/elysians, which has worked partially due to the fact that only a small number of people also have the capital/desire to flip such expensive items. If more people started flipping, I may not be able to flip those items for consistent profit. However, I could move to another market (seeds, bulk resources, low volume clue items etc) instead and make money there. As other players started to do the same, I could move back to 3a. While I would have to put in more effort to flip successfully if I was competing with 50+ other high levels, I would still be able to make consistent money. In a dynamic economic environment, there will always be a large quantity of items to flip. Overall margins might be reduced, but flipping would remain a viable method for 200M all. Assuming that a large number of people would immediately start flipping after this change is an example of a just in case fallacy. Currently, only a very small number of players go for 200M buyables. Of those players, a minority RC for the required money. The majority continue to use alts. For this reason, even if all the people who would otherwise RC for money start flipping, flipping would remain viable. An additional 5-10 flippers would scarcely affect the market for anything other than elite 3a. Although alts and flipping are both examples of zero-time money, I believe that due to the risk-adverse nature of many top players, alts will remain the preferred way to fund skills. For them, it is "easier" to make another account and reliably generate money through that, rather than learn to flip and deal with the inherently unpredictable results. Flipping has a steeper learning curve than altscape, especially for beginners. I believe the "challenge" of learning to flip is also why my thread on the matter was met with such staunch opposition. Players would prefer if they could still be "efficient" and rely on an easy method of money that isn't 0 time, even if the EHP metric suffers from inaccuracy as a result. Finally, I believe that flipping is perceived to be more difficult than it actually is. The fact that most top players do not flip for money and have not flipped in the past reinforces this misconception. When one believes that CML should promote solo play and also believes that flipping is not viable for them due to the "difficulty" associated with it, they will be inclined to oppose a suggestion that would officially make abyss RC inefficient. Abyss RC already is inefficient because players can flip or altscape for money. Rather than focus purely on EHP values, players should consider this fact.
  2. the game is bound to change. If you are worried about changes just wait on content you think the average player would want changed No, GE flipping been around for ages, if they actually made it harder/impossible that would be the change. Dont really feel like arguing, how's it fair or not. But i dont think jagex intended flipping, just like they didnt intend buying bonds to be viable method to get money for all buyables, which is obviously what everyone can do, but some people chose not to. Yes, because spending 20k USD on 200M buyables is comparable to flipping passively for 200M buyables. Nice argument from analogy. The concept of flipping has been around since the earliest days of RSC. Flipping just didn't become part of the "metagame" until 2008-2010 when players like Zarfot, Jdelacroix, and AlmostLost flipped their way to 200M buyables. I don't understand why flipping isn't considered a viable option for 200M all in OSRS while it is in RS3. Whether or not Foot will change EHP rates for RC remains to be seen, but if he does, the top 15 will change significantly. Runes/Dusty/N01perfect have the most to lose to such a change, while Hey Jase/Malt/Randalicious and I would be affected the least. I don't think he is going to do it because of the backlash it would provoke, rather than because he believes that nature runes to 200M RC should be considered the most efficient way to 200M all.
  3. Nice thread, I didn't know this was a thing. Trance is correct about my Smoke Devil method, it would not be efficient to do unless you valued melee experience at 0 time or valued magic experience very highly (which no one does). If anyone was wondering about my earlier Defence gains, I didn't AFK Guthans. I used proselyte+whip for 110-115k/hr experience. I tried using DH but I found it to be insufficiently AFK for my needs at the time. My update table should show this. I was "burnt" at the time due to a real life event, but felt motivated again before 200m Defence and decided to jump into 200m Thieving. I'll either do 200m Crafting or 100m Slayer after 200m depending on cannonball prices. I can still afford to gain another 50M melee experience from methods other than Slayer. The ~1m/week Attack experience currently is from doing some Rs3 pvm for fun (10-15 araxxor/day). I will probably switch to Strength though due to Attack experience being more valuable to me. I also don't altscape for money, but I flip regularly and have won ~150m from the duel arena in the past (despicable I know).
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