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  1. Ive tried Reaching her with ranged but no weapon i have can actually reach her without her reaching me and sending me back, and yea i killed all the skeletons but atm i cant even get her past 60% health without the bug happening and not being able to even get close to her to hit her with ranged or melee.
  2. at the moment im P2P and cant find a large area of ghosts and the next keeps telling me the three ghosts in the sewers with the stupidly long re-spawn time. ;-;
  3. Hi again guys, At the moment im having problems fighting dawn. I cannot get up to her at all and no ranged weapon can reach. she is just spamming "Go away" and "Get back" and every time i get on to the podium she will send me flying back. I get that there is meant to be a tactic to her doing that but at the moment she isn't letting me even set on foot on the podium and if i use my bow my character will run on to the podium to get in range only to be shoved back off.
  4. The dungeon im using at the moment is Deamonheim
  5. Hiya everyone, im just writing this thread in order to try find out how to do the calife Ghost slayer assignment, where you need to kill 51 ghosts, at the moment i cant find the ghosts anywhere and im on level 5 of the dungeon, is anyone able to help? ;3;
  6. Heya all, just joined and was wanting to say hi and shizzle. :> And i seriously have a dino in my basement go see, not like ill lock you down there or anything >:)
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