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  1. Vexea


    Don't be ridiculous. Spiders only have eight feet. Can you imagine shopping for shoes with eleven feet? I've never actually pictured spiders with shoes on, but I suppose it's a fair point. I have a poster in my room of a spider that's wearing shoes and gloves When did spiders get hands? I dunno, but it must be pretty handy. ba-dum-tssh
  2. Yeah I'm curious to see the favour rewards, apparently you work for houses to earn this favour, doing tasks. It sounds like fun gameplay - I hope the rewards are worth your time despite the low xp
  3. I am so excited for Zeah on osrs, I just hope they don't make skilling too easy like Priff on rs3. Monkey madness 2 sounds fun also
  4. Good luck on the ironman, it seems like a fun way to play but I love the grand ex' too much lol
  5. Vexea


    I was building a large computer desk and the instruction book was 6 pages wrote in size 10 font, so I was all over the place without a clue lmao, man I use to get blisters on my thumbs all the time as a kid from the PS1 controller, it sucked
  6. Vexea


    Today I discovered the true nightmare of flat-pack furniture ... This pic accurately describes it all
  7. Progressing in a video game is actually considered an achievement by many, especially those receiving that feeling of happiness. Just because in the eyes of others your achievement seems dull, doesn't mean it is. For example, you can go to the gym a lot and build huge muscle, you and some others will see that as an achievement, but there will be some people out there who will comment "waste of time." This is the same for pretty much everything; video making, photography, arts, writing, dance, even study. We all have opinions and are free to express them, but using nolifers and fail in terms of gaining an achievement is a fail in itself.
  8. *shifty eyes* thanks for the info :)
  9. Hello tip.it my name is Vexea or vex this is my very good character. so good. not a photoshop. I have been playing RuneScape for ages and have reached over 2,300 total on RS3. The day I got 99 mining it hit me how easy the game was and how I was playing for xp rather than to enjoy the game, therefore I made an old school account last week and I am loving it. My goal is to 100% old school eventually. I don't really have friends on this version because they play rs3, so add me if you wish. Also, does tip it have a friends chat, or even better - a clan? (on osrs)
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