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  1. Introduction:

    Hello, and welcome to Death Knell. We are a completionist cape focused clan offering the tools and information you need to get that legendary cape. We have people specializing in each portion of the completionist cape who are happy to assist you in whatever portion you have questions about. 

    Our structure is divided into a four tier system. Tier 1 is the overall governance of the clan. Tier 2 is general coverage of completionist cape. Tier 3 assists tier 2 by specializing in the general area. Tier 4 is general clan population. See below for a directory of roles. We are currently looking for someone who has at least 99 in all skills with the exception of Invention. Also, we are looking to fill the Minigames/Miniquests position, as well as the Questing Position. Requirements are listed below.

    Any questions can be directed to any Tier 1 official, or passed on through another rank.

    If you would like to join our clan or have any further questions, please PM any of the Tier 1 members and we will answer any questions you may have and/or invite you to join the clan. If you would like to scope us out before making a decision about joining, please feel free to guest in our CC.

    From all of us at Death Knell, we wish you a pleasant, permanent stay in our cozy clan.



    Rules and Requirements: 

    1.) No fighting in the CC. Take it to a PM, FC, or public, but do not fight in the CC. This is a peaceful clan and I want to keep it that way. If you need help settling a fight or argument, ask the Tier Manager or one of the other keys and they will be glad to help. 

    2.) If a decision needs to be made and the proper ranks are not on, do what needs to be done. Discuss it with as many other ranks as possible before making the decision. We will not be stalled out from someone not being online when needed. 

    3.) Cursing is allowed, but keep it tasteful.

    4.) For events, make sure that any loot sharing options are clearly discussed. 

    5.) Tier 1 and 2 personnel are required to be active. If you are not active for a month, you will be demoted. If circumstances dictate action, it may be sooner. 

    6.) Requesting personal information is up to the individual. If any of the leaders decide you are being too persistent, you may face consequences that are determined by the leader in question. 

    7.) Bank use terms can be found on the offsite forums. 


    8.) The only requirement is, you must be willing to follow the rules. 



    1.) Activity requirement is 1 participated event or 1 cap. If you cap, please post in the posts and promotions thread. If you participated in an event, you will already be accounted for under the event log on the event's thread. 

    2.) If an issue comes up, let us know so we can give you pardon if need be. Pardons last 3 months, after which you will be demoted until you are kicked. 

    3.) Ranking criteria are found below. 

    4.) Raidcall ID is 8678544. Website forums (aka offsite) can be found by searching for Death Knell Runescape or typing in the address www.deathknellrs.com



    Directory of Tiers/Roles:

    Tier 1:

    Disputes & Discipline - Zephyreux 
    Citadel - Shana 
    Recruitment - BRONCOS 
    Forums - Donkeydingle 
    Tier Manager - 2Rebel 
    Promotions - WillowFluff 

    Tier 2:

    Prifddinas - Cutter Ryan 
    Minigames/Miniquests – OPEN

    ---(Must have played all minigames and completed all miniquests.) 
    Combat/Bossing (includes Slayer) - Guthix Claws 
    Quests – OPEN

    ---(Must have completed all quests.)
    Skilling (Non-combat, includes Summoning) - OPEN

    Tier 3: 

    Awaiting fulfillment of Tier 2 roles. 


    Promotion Criteria

    Recruit -> Corporal: 
    Any orientation seminar. Currently only has citadel tour. 

    One of the following per rank - Cap + Post / Recruit / Support Clan Section in Valid and Verified manner (So combat might have participation in a bossing event as a valid and verifiable activity). 

    Weekly Capping for at least a month + 3 stable recruits (not same recruits, not join and immediately leave). 

    To sustain this rank, they must maintain high weekly participation in valid and verified actions. 

    Tier 3. Maintained through compliance with Tier 3 responsibilities and blessing of the Tier 2 they work for. 

    Tier 2. Maintained through compliance with Tier 2 responsibilities and not showing detrimental behavior. 

    Tier 1. Maintained through compliance with Tier 1 responsibilities and not showing detrimental behavior. 

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