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  1. "Hi my name is Kof and I like to steal RuneScape accounts by posting ridiculous spam."

    1. Omali


      That's what you sound like.

  2. players by constantly pushing you backwards so you have to stay subscribed and therefore keep paying...a Ponzi scheme in an internet game??...you betcha...keep counting your money Jagex...hope you choke on it you thieving bastards

  3. goodbye all...the pathetic person who designed the regicide quest has pushed my patience beyond breaking point...reeks of bullying and is sooo anal to be constantly taken back to the start when it is immensely difficult to even "tool up" for the quest...i will not support this anymore as it is really only legalised theft by Jagex whose motives seem to be to keep sucking money out of the...

  4. Posting in a troll's profile

  5. If the code comes with the ticket, I'll buy the ticket, and sell the ticket for half off, I get to keep the code.

  6. "As far as selling out goes, I think Tip totally low balled themselves. "

    I think the word you're looking for is de-balled.

  7. Omali

    In b4 Jimv's next attempt to get himself banned from TIF.

  8. I can give two reasons...

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