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  1. Copied from a different forum, obviously by the pics from quite a while ago. But nevertheless goes with the points in this topic quite well...
  2. Explain to me how you're pure at all, if you have prayer. That is a 1 def pker, not a pure. But good luck anyway.
  3. Just get 94 mage and barrage like the other million "good" pkers that just use the same monotonous strategy. :x
  4. Still Can't hit 30. :wink: two words...bull ***. the only adavantage a mage has over me is freezing or entagling me...but then i simply use crystal bow and hit with no problem. and i would be happy to prove it :D Mage is over-powered lol. Oh, and mage short bow with rune arrows is better than crystal bow, and karils x-bow is even better than that. Ranged has the ability to hit constantly and at distance (with Karils x-bow), but what it lacks is the ability to KO.
  5. Ok well, crystal bow hits 22 max I believe, and mage short hits 30s? Noo, max with mage short is 22 and 23 with special. 30 is way out. :oops:
  6. Yea, we were in TE together until you left to start your own clan. Welcome back old-timer. :D <---- Oh and your avvy says 124 Combat. :P
  7. Yeah, but fire cape also takes 110+ combat, millions of gold, and LOADS of patience to get. :wink: I'd rather stick to my obby cape rather than somthing that dosen't give any bonuses at all, though. Kinda weird that it dosen't :| The fire cape gives better bonus than the obby cape... :? He means the new cape that gives no bonus...
  8. Rofl. :lol: Btw, cannoning doesn't give you hits xp. :wink:
  9. Lmao I so agree with you there. Agreed lol.
  10. They prooved it by using red shift, or Doppler Shift. Doppler shift is what makes a car sound lower-pitched as it moves away from you. A special version of this everyday effect applies to light as well - if an astronomical object is moving away from the Earth, its light will be shifted to longer (red) wavelengths. :P
  11. i was never a staker? i NEVER staked over 200k on rsc.. i did stake high on one day on rs2 against 1 person, but i havn't told many people about that? :? He probably confused us. :oops: :twisted:
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