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  1. Very simple fix. This would let people make a decision if they just started into a dungeon, they could just stop and come back after the update. If they're half way through, they ought to be able to finish in time. I'm trying to think of reasons jagex couldn't implement this. Do the shops reset during a system reset? There's the possibility that everyone might run around to shops to buy a bunch of stuff. But it's not like we didn't have that before. Anyone else remember seeing the system reset and immediately teleporting to mage guilds for cheap runes if you were the first few people back online?? :D
  2. Just read the first post - didn't read the thread so if someone else already responded with this answer, I apologize. To address your number 4 point: If someone is your friend, you don't stop being friends because they quit playing a particular game. If you're friends with someone, you give them contact information to keep in touch. So if someone leaves and you never hear from them again, you're not friends. To address your overall point: It's people like you who are emo and whiny that ensure my chat setting is set to friends only. I do not exist to make you happy. I don't like you. I don't want to talk to you. Obviously you can't handle that concept, indicating to everyone that you are immature and emotionally needy. What you need to do is find a clan of emotionally immature and needy people so you can all sit around and tell each other how awesome and pretty and rich you all are and tell each other that you love each other and give each other cyber hugs and hi-fives all day long. Kindly leave the rest of us alone :)
  3. So are you saying it's best to keep starting at floor 1 then go down through all the ones you can do consecutively then reset the ring?
  4. Why don't people use rune c'bow bolts?
  5. I don't think we can expect enormous amounts of land expansion and here's why: Developers also need to be urban designers - just another hat they must wear. They need to balance city populations against lag. Keep in mind that we're playing a game and it needs to be fun. Part of that fun is seeing a lot of people doing a lot of interesting things as we pass through cities. So keeping a relatively high population in a town is a good thing for a MMORPG. Games like Dark and Light and Star Wars Galaxies had enormous amounts of gorgeous land to run around in. End result? That land felt empty because people were too spread out. For right now, we have a hard cap of 2000 people on a server. Until that changes, the devs need to consider what a good balance is between giving us new terrain to explore and thinning the population in the cities and current hotspots. So I believe that some limited terrain expansion can occur with a positive effect but they'll have to be cautious about creating new continents as long as we have a 2000 connection cap on the servers.
  6. Didn't read the rest of the thread but NO you didn't get a good chance of 'something fancy' Lvl 3 clues have been giving out just as much junk as they always have. And your English is very good :) well done
  7. But see? At least you're up front about it and made your name Dorkzor so we know right off the bat not to talk to you :) Thanks! That's very sweet
  8. Meili, I'm not reading this thread - just going to reply to your original post. Here's a little truth that I think you're missing. As one chick to another, you need to be grateful that these idiotic boys have somewhere to hide so they're not unleashed on females in the real world. We're much safer and comfortable as long as they're inside locked away playing with their little imaginary friends. Your mistake was by repeatedly trying to enter the IRC. If you get a message like that on the outset - then why on earth would you continually try to make contact with jackasses like those guys? When something like that happens - don't start whining about it on the forums. Just be thankful that you had the good fortune to find out that the guys who you thought you wanted to play with are just total morons who will never get closer to a woman than they got to you. They gave you a tremendous gift. The knowledge that they're immature, pathetic excuses for male-type human beings. Just say, "Thank you for letting me know you're an [wagon]" and walk away with a smile. *edited to spell your name a little closer to correct :P* *and to add a note to lilcutiepie - same here - finally we have some styles that are a touch closer to human hair lol*
  9. Yep - and that's why I keep mine off. I wouldn't even imagine talking to 95% of the people who play RS. They're idiotic teenagers.Or idiotic adults. If I saw the average RSer walking down the street, I'd never give him the time of day. My friends list has 5 people on it, 3 of whom are RL friends. I consider it my actual FRIENDS list, not a list of random people who IM me out of the blue. When I do turn my chat to 'on' and mysterious unknown people send me IM's, I simply ignore them. If they have something more important to say than 'Hi' I might answer but usually not. And I'm not LazLazor anymore. I have a new character who's identity is permanently hidden from public knowledge. And I'm sure some of you would say - oh but you're missing out on the fun of playing RS as a MMORPG! And I completely disagree. Since the advent of the GE, RS works fine as solo play.
  10. Tried with no success: I'm a lumberjack and that's ok Everyone runs faster with a knife Failboat
  11. I notice that the spell icon changes created some extra space on the spellbook page. Could this be an indication of future new spells on the regular spellbook?
  12. viewtopic.php?f=113&t=780792 Just look a bit around this forum sheesh. Just pointing out that it's not in the guide - rude little boy http://www.tip.it/runescape/index.php?p ... worlds.htm You were saying? (before you say "I MENTIONED SMITHING" they include a large amount of work to be added in every single guide; you simply get 4 times the xp in wild , 1.5 outside). Oh ok you're so right!! It IS in the smithing guide... silly me =D> I didn't realize it had a name change. You're so smart - i wish i could be like you
  13. viewtopic.php?f=113&t=780792 Just look a bit around this forum sheesh. Just pointing out that it's not in the guide - rude little boy
  14. What's a smithing brawler and why isn't it mentioned in the smithing guide?
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