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  1. i thought it might've been a typo, but seeing as you've spelt it wrong 3 times, it's spelt "toothACHE".
  2. I want one of them.. You also need to get a double sided (RED) light sabre!
  3. OMFG HE USED A PIECE OF TAPE!!! H4X!! I think your demo sucks, I havn't watched it yet however.
  4. If you like progressive metal, you must like Opeth? Oh and rap sucks.
  5. As much as i love the CKY series, the band is pretty [cabbage] For metal, try pantera (dimebag :( ) or slayer
  6. Damn and i thought 600+ was a lot - But my list is just heavy metal mostly, and not [cabbage] bands/singers either All my songs are by the following: Arch Enemy Children Of Bodom Chimaira Cradle Of Filth Hatebreed In Flames Iron Maiden Jimi Hendrix Judas Priest Killswitch Engage Led Zeppelin Megadeth Metallica Morbid Angel Pantera Sepultura Slayer
  7. argh, way too many to list.. ill just dish out 25 in no particular order shawshank redemption schlinder's list fight club the usual suspects (omg the ending!) requiem for a dream memento american beauty donnie darko primal fear the green mile goodfellas pulp fiction a clockwork orange american history x snatch lock, stock and two smoking barrels scarface reservoir dogs forrest gump good will hunting the score se7en l.a confidential rounders 25th hour :)
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