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  1. I will never understand efficiency fanatics... If these teleports save me from having to go all the way to a bank, or simply withdraw any item from the bank I'm already at, I'll gladly choose the lodestone teleport. It doesn't bother me one bit to wait an additional ~0.25 minutes, or whatever that is in your game ticks, to get where I am going. This makes my life a hell of a lot easier, especially since the lunar and ancient lodestones are already unlocked. The less I have to withdraw from my bank, recharge, buy, or whatever, the better.


    As for the cosmetic gaze auras, I think they aren't prominent enough, unless they plan on creating tier 2's which have a particle trail and more glowyness or something. Honestly these should have been 5-10k max. And what's with the abyssal gaze? You almost can't see it at all... and I was really interested in that one :(

  2. It seems we have the first contestant for the prize-draw this week. Page 32 on the rsof thread, someone just got a tattoo and posted. Proof it's not impossible haha. Lucky guy will probably get lifetime membership now :|


    Least it's not a noob.

  3. The chance is so slim that it wouldn't be worth getting members to double your chances. What would be better is to spin as much as possible on f2p accounts, and if you get a tattoo make it members and then post on the thread.

    This. Just try on all accounts. An account you rarely play but has lifetime members and a mega ultra mechagodzilla rare tattoo is still better than a f2p account you rarely play.


    So, they're going to get more people to join Members to get more SoF rolls to potentially get lifetime membership on a tribal tattoo that you have a[n estimated] 1:10,000 chance to win. Clever. As much as I hate to admit it, I see this actually getting more people to join up, since you never know when impossible odds are going to be on your side.

    Even 1:10,000 is being suuuuper modest. Considering how I have yet to see a single picture of someone with one on ANY site, the rate of getting a tattoo must be unbelievably higher than 1:10,000. Those pictures of the enchanted robes + fury + head tattoo are taken from the runescape website fyi :S

  4. If you watch the selection very carefully, the highlighted choice jumps over lucky items very fast compared to the normal items, so its probably a big "number wheel" so the selection goes up to, say, 10 and increments by .01 and it moves fast so 0-1 (.00-1.00) are the first item but on rare items its only, say 2-2.25 or something like that. so you only have like 1/4th of a chance of getting a lucky item if the wheel slows down within the lucky item range. I really don't believe the whole, your stop doesn't count on which item you get, unless a number is generated regardless for that spin and that is the number you will get.


    My Programmer's mind is just trying to figure out exactly how this thing works lol

    They said the spinning wheel is completely unrelated to the actual coding of receiving whichever item. It's just a gui gimmick to make it a little more fun. Think the jmod quote was earlier in this thread.

  5. Someone yesterday said it seemed the items on the wheel were effected by combat level/total. But I can debunk that with a half dozen accounts ranging from lvl 3 to 136, and even the lvl 3 f2pers have the same options (such as divines) that the 136 p2p does. I think some people just get a bad luck of the draw on the initial selection. One of my super-rares today was the flying goblin hat... me wanted :(


    Still the best item I've gotten so far was a rune platebody on my lvl 35 f2per. Hasn't even done dragon slayer yet lol. But if a lvl 3 newbie got that as a reward, they'd flip out. I still remember being ecstatic about a friend giving me a free steel longsword when I first started. Seems like a nice kick for noobs to get money flow started. Takes money to make money as they say.

  6. Lol, good for your ego to have 90k people get that message.



    Is it everyone on every world or just on the world you are on?



    So has anyone heard, are we going to be seeing 300 of these every time a quest comes out and people have to do it to maintain their cape?

    Well if there's any sense to the notification, it would only send a notification of acquisition upon paying the 5m gp or whatever it is to initially obtain the cape. Technically you're not being "awarded" the cape everytime you complete the updated requirements on it, you're just unlocking it again.

  7. I've heard a few times now that "Lucky" Items disappear after a certain amount of time using it, or something like that.

    Can anyone confirm whether or not this is true?

    Probably just rumors. There's no mention of them degrading in the FAQ. JMods only mentioned them having identical stats to their unlucky counterparts, and the FAQ only mentions them being destroyed on death unless they are selected to be specifically kept on death by the player. Seems like an important piece of information to leave out of the FAQ.

  8. Just reposting this for those curious.

    (From rs screenies thread)

    Not mine, but the server wide announcements, tribal tattoo, and Lucky Armadyl Godsword.


    EDIT --- Marauder Tattoo









    Same player, 2 different tats? Only thing I can think of is that it's somewhat customizable, or has a few styles to choose from... The odds of someone getting 2 super-rare rewards on the same day must be astronomical, so I'm ruling that out.

  9. 50 gp and 3 coal on Wanderer. But on one of my noobs I squeaked out a rune plate, and it can't even wear rune plates haha.


    Honestly, if I got an ultramega rare item on one of my f2p noobs, it wouldn't make me want to get members. Someone made a good point that most f2pers probably couldn't even wear these ultra-rare items, let alone even know what they are. I think I'd be more excited to get a tattoo or horns than a spirit shield, but whether or not that would make me want to get members... still unlikely.

  10. 120217233825.png


    Thank you everyone for your help on the guides and tips and videos and whatnot. I got my cape! And it was surprisingly 'easy' with luring and the safespots provided. No overloads/curses/yak (mentioning this just for those in a similar situation and are wondering :))

    I'm in the same boat equipment-wise. Could you post (or PM) me your setup and inventory and familiars and what not? Would be greatly appreciated :)

  11. Sooo... I'm guessing the cape is useless for mage/range, yes? If so, I'll just be ignoring this update all together

    This is Runescape, mage and range are there to compliment meelee. :P

    Well even Fire Cape gives small bonuses to both. There were always better alternatives though.



    Quest complete, got me 60k agility xp, which in turn got me 99 agility, which in turn go me both the agility skillcape AAAND the Max cape... Best update ever?

    Big grats Matt! and hewo :o


    Now I demand, through the power of my senile rage, a pic of the new cape equipped :|

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