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  1. i propose those who atualy entered to into a final round where there is a subject (prefrably the one i suggested :XD: ) and they all pixel their hardest and are all judged together earning a place either gold, silver, bronze or wood.








    or to make it easier on us judges we judge those current onesand decide what two go through and what 2 stay back, those who go through play off those who stay back play off.








    second makes more sence to me...









  2. PJB: Nice cloak haha, looks like voldemort. And, any teen in a fabric store is rare around where I live too hahah. They see me often enough now XD I'm gonna find elastic cloth for the stockings or just cut up some tights. I don't have any black tights though..












    And princess is a man....hahahah =3








    you're a what now? im confused >_<








    i advide you go buy some black tights, far easier im sure... also little - no sewing required, just make sure they arnt like those semi trans one...








    just saw in the not-so-blue prints that you intend to use a treainer under the boots. hmm that reminds me i really need to get well, firstly alot of money, and secondly a ticket to camdem, and thirdly some decent goth boots, my friend is getting some and they look awsome, problem is they cost around ÃÆââ¬Å¡Ãâã150 so its a bit off yet >_<












    just saw you updated the first post with pictures of the boots progress, looks cool, if kinda converse-esk (not too keen on converses) woo! i cant spel...








    another thing i just saw (a bit after the other just saw, so i guess i didnt reallly just see either of them...but then i did at time of writing, or near enough...) is the character your looking at in the top picture, i only saw the central girl and was thinking they look nothing alike... o0








    also where do you live where its soo cold?









  3. no, i use paint.net (see sig)
















    this is what i did.








    copy the original you posted into the program, duplicated the layer twise, un-ticked the top layer, 5 px gaus blur on middle layer, gradient tool, transparency setting, circle gradient, started in the middle of face (eyes) and went out a bit, ticked top layer, did 30 px gaus blur, again transparency gradient, but wider this time.








    im sure you can do the same thing in cs2, i just dont know how >_<









  4. nice, simple.








    Remember to keep focus on the eyes - thus try to get rid of every other detail.








    simple way to do that, duplicate that layer into a new one, do a 5-10 px gausion blur, then use a transparency gradient, with the clear part focusing around the eye.









  5. That's pretty neat. I may try that sometime if I ever get a camera. And I think I'm going blind because both of those pictures look the same. :-$








    its the same picture, just one is with 3 colours the other (lower) has 4 colours.








    you can decide how many colours you have as little as one (atough thats kinda plain) to maybe 20 if you can be 'waggoned' heh, silly TIF word blocker...








    its also a real shortcut if your wanting to do a monotone vector, and you can always colour later on...









  6. picasso, anatomy? no, style. yet still a great.








    style doesnt always invlove perfect anatomy.








    its not as if i havnt looked at it, i have several art books that i read based on propertions, anaotmy etc. but then its a matter of what you feel confortable with. i like my style how it is, and so thats how it will stay.








    sorry according to you your saying i have no idea of anaotmy?








    ...studying anatomy until you have learnt at least the basics








    cos thats the impression your giving. while it may not be perfect i know more than the asics, so therfore i shall miss that part about 10 hours (ha, as if!) and move on, which i have done.








    anyway art is about how YOU see the world, my art reflects my views, as it should, and my views are reflected in my style.








    therefore my anaotmy is reflected in my work.









  7. *yawn* sorry rather tired, anyway, on to the CC im sure your waiting for :wink:








    shoulder pads are still wrong, unfortionatly its a linework change not a shading change >_< they need a sharper angle, so one is more sitting atop the shoulder while the other is more inclined down his arm if you get me.








    vyre needs a thinner neck and a less in-your-face mouth, for that i suggest using AA to bland it, and that does include cutting into the white, not just arround the edges...








    the fire in the torch looks ok, however the whisps are too simetrical, place one higher the other lower, and posably make the right hand one bigger.








    the fire holder is weirdly shapped, not quite sure, only suggest that you add more (darcer) shadding to the bottom of it.








    wall texture looks very nice =) just be carful about how darc you make it espec close to the fire, good you got the glow right tho =)








    vyres wings... hmm, i guess i can never be happy with them, looks like black lines stil, unless thats v darc shadding, eitherway it looks wrong, and i still dont like the angle :-k maybe make his right wing more visable, while taking his left the other way, angle and perspective thing.








    foreshortening on the v thingys right arm is weird, maybe a shading problem, just incredably short compaired to the upper right arm >_<








    vyres feet are maybe a tad long, and his right is rather pointy/angular in places.








    not to sure about the 'spears' head, linework is great just the shading, i guess its that the blade is too light compaired to the rest of it.








    the guys cape doesnt have much flow, or atleast its in bad directions, should always be in one direction.








    not to sure whats on the frount of the vyre, the cross thing, define it more.








    vyres torso has weird shading, really darc all of a sudden, it kills the shape, more contrast in shading please.








    guys face is better but the nose is still weird >_<








    thats all i can see so far, will post any more









  8. ok i took a photo and had a idea of something to do, and it worked very well, just thought id share it, can be achived using any decent imaing program.
















    the image, its a bisic 100%contrast then another layer of the same image same contrast level, just lighter or darcer befor hand (eg, layer 1: contrats:100 lightness: -20, layer 2: contrast: 100 lightness: 20) then sat layer two to 50% transparency








    ok tut over theres parts you can draw from this photo manip about pixelart (yes had to link the two somehow :twisted: )








    as you can se its very pixelated and only 3 colours were used. that said you can still make out ALOT of detail. the 4 colour version has even more detail (not posting it tho) i guess you can look at this pcture zoom in close and look at the structure of a perfectly pixel image, draw techniques from it.








    hmm, changed my mind, getting the 4 tone version now...
















    4 tones black white and 2 greys.








    and yet another dimention. you see alot of pixels that have manybe 50 colours, and yet there not much detail. people rush. it doesnt make sence. i know i do it myself, im not going to be hypocritical. it just fustrates me when i see someone whos put in alot of time, maybe a few hours and yet the result could have been achived in well, alot less time.








    also theres info to be taken about textures, you can see what they are, be it glas, brick or wood, yet only 4 colours, i visual tutorial.








    yeah thats about it...









  9. Nice man! 8/10 for all your work.








    shes a girl :wink:








    must say it does looks very nice. sorry have to say this, um, shirikens are ment to fit in the palm of your hand >_<








    that done...








    must say its looking very nice =)








    i once had a go at making a hooded cloack, infact ill find a picture...








    have to do a quick manip, original is very large and very darc...
















    heh, got a tad carried away... :anxious: (if anyone wants to know how that was made i can supply a paint.net file)








    was rather fun, made 2 versions tho, one was using a rough piece of dust clooth (about 2 meters square tho) glad i did, its very useful for the hard parts when you dont have clooth to spair (or its expensive) i did find a few mistakes and i could unsow it and use as a template which is cool =)








    what was weird was i (a guy of 15, fairly large guy) had to go into a textiles shop (filled with little old ladies) and look for the ideal cloth that was amusing :XD:








    anyways enough about me...








    love the design and nice concept art =)








    the final thing is looking very nice, cant wait top see the final thing compleated. nice model for the clothes aswell.








    with the long glove, i know its too late now, but for future remember to think everything through, i saw some material ver similar to that you used (same finish) and it was elesticated, which im sure would have made it easier. does look good tho =)








    im guesing you buold the boot around another? it looks cool, just make sure you can still open and close it (or zip, whatever) properly, else it may be big problems >_<








    as for tips on sewing i cant really help, i used one of of parent to help with it, theyre good with a sewing machine =)









  10. anatomy gives way to style :XD:








    i know the anaotmy is off and have been told several times, but how i draw is how i feel comfotable, trust me ive tried, one of my biggest problems is the torso, the main part being incredably think hips >_<








    i guess its to do with my exagerating a bit, i always exagerate when drawing (look at the abstract style!) and so yeah, anatomy gets the blow.








    even though anaotmy may be of i always try and keep propertions correct.









  11. This week's SotW rules:








    Theme: Photomanipulation




    Size: 300x90 - 400x150




    Animation: Allowed




    Stock: Optional




    Text: Optional




    Due: Friday, January 12th - Or until submissions stop coming




    Votes: Will be decided when we get more entries








    *Thanks to runemesta for suggesting this theme!











    Jan 12th? #-o








    ill probably enter this one, it doesnt invlove brushing ::'









  12. that would explain the lack of matches >_<








    that really is well, just crap.








    3 entries, people! just 3! thanks to those who did enter, but the others where are you?








    ok, terly is understandable, hes been moving and so has had little to no internet, understandable.








    yet we cant be waiting forever.








    what makes it all the worse is that this was an even longer time allowance >_<

















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