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  1. Hey mate,

    I thought you might be the man to talk too! Is making mith bolts still a viable way of hitting 99 smith and making cash?

    Advice appreciated!



  2. Hey guys! I tok some time off from RS. Im looking to get back into slayer and thieving, their hopefully going to be my next two 99's. When I left bandos and a sgs was one of the better slayer (melee) setups. What is it now? Same question again for slayer Mage - if you have a pref of spell that would also be mighty handy information. I would ask about range, but mines already 99 so Im going to mage were possible! Im not a big fan of degradable armor, like barrows gear. Anyone have some well informed and educated advice? Cheers :D!
  3. Too true! Im 2m off 99 atm! Should have it done in just under 2 weeks! :P 10/10 One of the better skill capes TBH
  4. Nice as man :D Ive just started summoning, its horrible !
  5. Should have spent the time getting range up rather then PCing :/ 10% isnt that wonderful :/
  6. Nice one mate! Im at 97 myself, never cannoned or chinned, just ranged :P
  7. if only you could wear them all at once...:D
  8. nic mate im currentlyin the process of alching through some 43k magic longs :/
  9. haha nice :P i got a .. random helmet on my first and only run, i didnt like it so i didnt do it again. then about a year later i GEd the helm for like 850k OMG!!
  10. Alas, for you are indeed a fool. In the year 310AD the roman emporer Constantine - Who was so in love with him self he named a city after himself; Constantinople. Constantine held if you will, an assembly of all people representing all nations and races and most importantly! Religions! In this assembly it was discussed which books shall be used to make up the good book of the bible - many were thrown out as they made Jesus look like a simple human who was simply a leader of people, and a normal man most importantly, who had a wife and even children, he was a30 year old jew, of course he had a job! My point being here is that after certain books were removed from the bible the view of it was obsecured and I dont beleive that we take it in today as it was originally ment. To this point I dont believe that the term 'the bible says it is wrong' is incorrect! And for all we know, there could have even been points made in the original which implyed that god loved all man reguardless, at least there should have been because at the moment the bible contradicts itself... not that many notice. P.s: I used to be quite homophobe, comming from boardingschool background, then I actually became friends with a person with same sex orientation and realised its just like a manly girl... which are handy for truthful fasion advice.. To Dwarf - Grow up :/
  11. If you cant afford addy, and you have the level for it use broad tipped! Feel free to contact me ingame for more! RSN: Claremont
  12. Im nearly 80 slayer at the moment and tbh mate you look good as, obv youll need more food. dont get an obby, should you find you get a lot of daggs, you may want to also invest in a granite shield, there not to much and worth it when you look at how much longer food will last Feel free to contact me ingame for more! RSN: Claremont
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