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  1. I assume you mean every 3 hours of playing? If not, then its way too much... I'd make it at least weekly... And increased rate for members is stupid. So you pay... They still want you to work for your money. And the idea as a whole, isn't bad, but realistic bank interest rates would be better...
  2. F2P is not the demo, P2P is the expansion set of sorts... no actually it is a demo If it were a demo, it would have level limits in each of the skills or a limit on how long you can play without paying for members... And at the very least, it wouldn't receive the updates that we do get on occasion. And I still agree that F2P needs lvl 40 mage armor, though I have come to realize that nothing we need will be granted...
  3. F2P is not the demo, P2P is the expansion set of sorts...
  4. Actually, yes I would. By giving free players something, you show that you respect what they have done for you. Without F2P, Jagex can kiss their sponsors goodbye. Without any updates, F2Pers will either quit or get members, but many of them, like myself, don't have the money for members.
  5. This wouldn't be a bad idea to add to the game... Whether it be members only (as it likely would be), or if it were for all players.
  6. You actually have it backward... F2P is the game, P2P is the expansion set of sorts... As for the matter at hand, it would be nice to be able to fletch as an F2Per, but I agree with the members on this one... If we were to get some fletching abilities, there would be demand for more, and more, and more... The balance of power wouldn't change much when you think about it, but if Jagex caves in on this one, they will start feeling that they have to cave in on other ones and then it would be chaotic...
  7. I must agree that based on lvl-requirements, it only makes sense to have a lvl 40 mage armor... Though it won't happen, at least not in the near future, I must say I like the idea.
  8. What year did the game start? I started either 2000, or 2001, depending.
  9. He said it would change as does the place it is based. So worlds based in Australia will become winter in australian winters. Worlds in Toronto will turn to night at a certain time in Toronto.
  10. Count me in. I had enough trouble storing everything before the latest random event clothings came along. ~Dougymc
  11. it costs $7 where i live (canada- so around $5 american, give or take)
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