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  1. Good job guys, watched the whole thing from the portal. Was very even throughout but i'd have to say we won because of some good sniping. Was a good clean fight with no flaming. Considering Sunday isn't really Mori's thing and some of the recent turnouts Mori has been picking things up lately and will start climbing the ladder in no time.
  2. Post by Gilthanas0: So having lost the full-out, we knew we'd have to have a chance of coming on top of our League this season now. This in mind, we went in hoping to our best. The rules were the same as the full-out except for the fact it was matched: *Saturday 13th September *4 PM EST, 9 PM GMT, etc. *Full-out followed by matched *Clan with lowest opts attack in full-out and then defend in the matched *Melee+binds only (No ranging/blasting/cursing) *No infinite run *No explorer rings *Clan Wars "Classic" Arena *Middle boundaries Mori starting: 25 people TVC starting: 26 people (We had 1 person dc whilst waiting). We got off to a good start with faster kills and a quick KO, actually leading to us closing the gap and taking a slight lead. I got piled at the 20 man mark and then had to go do something in rl quickly but when I logged back in, the fight had reached 9 vs. 5 and Mori had taken the secure lead, leading to our eventual victory. Mori ending: 8 people TVC ending: 0 So all in all, thanks for both of the very close fights TVC and congratulations in winning the full-out.
  3. Post by Gilithanas0: So we had TCL for our CWPL war this week. After talking to a TCL official, we agreed on the following. Rules: Melee + Binds only No range, no blasts, no curses No Infin run Explorer Rings allowed Main Memberlist only Center Bounds Matched starts 5 minutes after full out is completed Full-out result: We knew we'd have to pull our best turnout for this tournament and try our best to get the win. The day came about and we pulled an excellent 37 people. Mori starting: 37 people TCL starting: 33 people We started well with a quick KO and managed to increase the gap between Mori and TCL. Despite the lead we thought we had, TCL's tactic of what I could only describe as mass sniping, lead to sudden rapid decreases in our numbers and managed to close the gap down to within 3 people at some point. Regardless of their tactic, our slight number advantage managed to keep us in the lead along with the results of our own sniping starting to pay off, eventually leading to our victory. Mori ending: 5 people TCL ending: 0 http://img244.imageshack.us/img244/6442 ... endjs2.png So thanks for the fight TCL and congratulations on your victory in the matched. ~Gilthanas0
  4. Post by Gilithanas0: So the other day, me and Deathcode got together and organised our fight for CWPL. The rules were: Melee+Binds only Central boundaries No infinite run Explorer rings allowed Lowest opts attack in fullout. Clan with the highest before cutting, attack in matched War world = 106 Full-out: Mori starting: 24 people RD starting: 13 people So the other day, me and Deathcode got together and organised our fight for CWPL. The rules were: Melee+Binds only Central boundaries No infinite run Explorer rings allowed Lowest opts attack in fullout. Clan with the highest before cutting, attack in matched War world = 106 Full-out: Mori starting: 24 people RD starting: 13 people Unfortunate turn-outs all around and with the given turn-outs of nearly 2 Mori to 1 RD, we took the win. Mori ending: 22 people (Rd's first pile was dcing when they charged) RD ending: 0 Matched: Mori starting: 13 (cut from 24) people (Gilthanas0, Strongbad, Porkchop_N, Kazeijin, Fujin__99, Xfighter900, Pkbros o, Lord Hents, Youhave1236, Ashozzy, Liln414, Mtnmonster, Aggun1) Rd starting: 13 people In the matched, both Clan's were hoping for a much more even/fair fight. RD started well getting quicker kills and gaining a slight lead on us via a quick KO. Regardless, Mori kept fighting and at about the 7 v. 7 mark, the only remaining Mori members were high levels (most of which being some of our best tanks). With this, Mori also took the victory in the matched. Although, credit to Xameunier on managing to take down Lord Hents despite our best attempts to save him. Mori ending: 5 people RD ending: 0 So in conclusion, thanks for the fight. Unfortunate about the full-out but I hope both Clans were satisfied with the matched and hopefully we could do it some other time in the future. ~Gilthanas0
  5. Clans arent allowed to refuse rules in the matched fights.
  6. Mori memberlist: http://www.runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=mori PA memberlist: http://www.runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=polisharmy Post by Gilthanas0: So we got paired up with Armia Polska (Polish Army) for our first CWPL fight. Earlier during the week, Ogor Lct approached me to set it up and we agreed on the following rules: [*:2c5kzes2]War to take place on Sunday 24th August at 7:30 PM GMT [*:2c5kzes2]AP attack in the full-out, defend in the matched. [*:2c5kzes2]Mori defends in the full-out, attacks in the matched. [*:2c5kzes2]Melee+binds only for the full-out [*:2c5kzes2]Melee+binds+range for the matched [*:2c5kzes2]No infinite run [*:2c5kzes2]Central boundaries Full-out: Mori starting: 21 people AP starting: 27 people We were disappointed in our turnout but we weren't expecting anything amazing for the time/day but went in hoping to do our best. The fight started well for us with a KO whilst our first pile tanked. With some effective sniping and strong tanking, at the 12 v. 12 mark, we finally gained the lead and from there, we took the win. Mori ending: 9 people AP ending: 0 Matched: Mori starting: 21 people AP starting 21 people For the matched war, range was allowed. We decided to use this heavily to our advantage by getting everyone to range. Whilst close at the beginning, Mori got in some decent KO's gaining us the lead and we went on to win from there. Mori ending: 15 people AP ending: 0 So thanks to AP for the fight and maybe we can do it again sometime. ~Gilthanas0 P.S. Incase it comes up, we are aware that two people accidentally ranged briefly during the full-out. Upon noticing they were ranging, we told them to stop straight away and they did as asked. Overall I don't think any major damage was done. Also, sorry there are no starting pics yet. I haven't tracked someone done who's taken one. If any AP/Mori have one, please post it and I'll edit it in <3
  7. One war we've been in the other clan made a no explorer ring rule, but that might have been because it was so new and not many of them had it yet. Being f2p, there shouldn't be a reason to exclude it. It'll just be a new standard f2p war item like FoG items.
  8. A link to your clan's banner: http://img61.imageshack.us/img61/6715/n ... nerjg6.png A link to your clan's website/forums: http://www.themoriquendi.com/ http://themoriquendi.com/forums/index.php?act=idx A link to your clan's runehead/memberlist: http://www.runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=mori List of your clan leaders: Tielhawk, Gokural and Bubba_Fett69 Your Clan Intials: Mori Your Clan's Main Focus: Warring/Community
  9. I also am invested in oak, but i'm sorry to say they look to be going down tomorrow. I'm not sure whats up, but my best guess is someone with a huge stash of them jumped the gun in selling. why would any1 invest in oak logs, who buys oak logs? nobody, there is no demand for oak logs, the only reason why ur 5m oak logs went up is because you bought them which created the demand, now that u have no more cash to buy them there going to drop I guess construction doesnt use oak #-o . Take a look at the oak log charts, maybe you'll see why people are investing in them. I've made millions off of them already and some people have doubled their money off oak logs. Anyways, oaks are going to go back up tomorrow.
  10. A starting point, if you want to change or add something go ahead. I'm looking forward to seeing the difference. :) Also I was just thinking. The big gaps you have might make the average price a little off. I think it's safe to say that all prices you have before the gaps are pretty much obsolete. The average price would be more accurate if you start the graphs at the 15th instead.
  11. Pretty much, but I added another step to make the equation less complicated. The shifting shouldnt effect the main purpose of the graph. Right now you're just tracking how high and low prices change on a day to day basis which does its job regardless where on the graph it is. Factoring in the average gives the Y-Axis purpose, it is currently useless right now and gives false representations on items that have permanently risen/lowered. I think it will also make graphs with huge drops and raises easier to read. There will be less crowding of lines too.
  12. Now although these graphs are extremely usefull, they have one major flaw in that the % change is a reflection on the changes compared to older prices. It doesnt take into account that some prices have changed dramatically and stayed there. I think it should be based on the average price instead. Not only will it give a better idea of how well certain items are doing in relation to how they have been over a long period of time, but it will make comparing them to other items easier. This is the current setup for santa's and masks compared to the starting price set when the exchange came out: It looks as if red masks have dropped the least with blue masks and santa's close behind, and green masks appear to be doing the worst. Or are they? This is the setup for santa's and masks compared to the average price since the exchange came out: The percentages havent changed, but you can clearly see that in relation to santa's, red masks and blue masks arent doing as well as they appeared to be. They are even doing worse then green masks.
  13. Dark Dude 98, rank 1 at 7:33ish GMT
  14. Note for the following: This is assuming Santa's will have a high and low trend like oak logs and rune ess. With this santa buying crazy we're seeing, I have a theory that could possibly change rare prices in a huge way. Before, high-staked merchants merched phats and mask sets for millions in profit. They can't do that anymore. Not because they are priced wrong but because there just isnt enough of them in circulation to keep the market fluctuating. Fluctuation is the key to success with the new type of merching or "investing". So what can they invest in now? That's where the Santa's come marching in. As clearly indicated in the graphs, santa's are the most commonly traded rare and is the only rare that updates on a daily basis. Because of this they are prime targets for price manipulation and tracking. But most importantly they are the fastest way to make profit as far as rares go. The merchants now have a couple options. One, they take a big risk and buy a phat (ill assume jagex is going to make another phat fix). Because they never update they have little information on if they are going to rise in price and be able to make a profit. Option 2, they take that gp and put it into 10+ santa hats when they know the price is low and about to rise. They will know this because of the plethora of information there is about their trends. When they do rise up their santa's will be increasing in total value by 5-10 million a day for many days. This seems a heck of alot more profitable then taking risks with phats. Now if that were to come true, it would have a huge effect on rare prices. Phats for one would lower by alot and not recover for quite a while due to merchants dumping them to invest in santa's. Masks would also lower, but not by much and could still possibly be invested in in the same way as santa's, but on a far lesser scale. With all these investers thriving upon santa's, it would surely increase their value dramatically. Possibly even higher then red masks. It couldnt be possible before because there is so many of them, but a fleet of phat merchants could definately keep the price up there. This is just a theory, don't think of it as a fact just yet. Time will tell.
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