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  1. Hmmm well what i think on all this is, well if jesus was found in this tomb, then well unlucky to christans that their faith and their religion is a fake! But like most people are saying there is no proof that they can identify this jesus to be *The Jesus*. But if Jesus wasnt't there then it would be a whole different story wouldn't it? I mean, it be claimed as a sacred place for christans to go and pray, im not in any religion, but i grew around christainity and to be honest i've never thought much about stuff like that, but i like compareing my views to these kind of things!








    And also you say mary is supposed to be there to, and Joseph and another baby(or kid) but wouldnt they been buried years before Jesus, died and 'rose to the heavens'???

  2. im not really aware of the whole parliment thing.


    how long does a prime minister stay in office?




    A Prime Minister can stay in office for aslong as he/she wins a General Election. A General Election is held every five years. Provided a PM has the support of the House then he/she can stay on for aslong as they want to.




    i think its four years but erm yeah if he/she wins the election or they don't get kicked out by the queen or something(that would be quite funny to be honest)

  3. I am a good friend of Minoture, and regret to inform you that Minoture had been banned from the forums because he supposedly shared his account. Please keep bringing you support for this story and keep it on the first page, as Minoture is appealing the ban since he claims it is just a misunderstanding. Minoture apologizes for the delay in the next part in the story, but told me that:


    Once tip.it lets me back on I will share the coutless writings of Islar that I have begun gathering, from the Elven lands to Morytania




    oh rite erm ok well come bk as soon as you can m8

  4. This will sound terrible, but if there's a murder on the News, or similar, I find myself thinking 'One more pointless human being off the face of the earth.' It doesn't make much difference, as there are about 5billion of us.
    If it was one of your family members would you care? I hope so. Someone cares about that person as you would care if it was your relative. Nobody has someone who doesn't care if they die.




    Yeah I know. Of course I know that. It's not that I'm not sympathetic or anything, I definitely am. But it's hard to feel for someone you've never met.




    i understand where you coming from, i mean for example i live in the uk and some one who died in the usa, there would be people careing for that person but why would i care about that person i didnt know and that person didn't do anything to help the world or anything like that, so yeah i get what you mean, but if it was family then yeah i think any one would care because its family man my uncle died last year and my whole family was in like shock for a good few months but they fineally got over it just like you get over everything, i still miss him alot but ever one would say that about any of their family or friends dieing




    this is not really to do with this but my Cousin is in iraq at the moment with the army and my whole family is worryed sick about him, but he writes like every week(i think) but anywayz i'm you get my point?

  5. Don't mean to be rude or anything, but the outer storyline sounds awefully familiar...




    exactly what i was going to say, he has stolen your idea and changed it a little bit here and there but yeah its kind of the same plot, isn't there a rule for that, i say he should get a warning and this topic locked!

  6. well there might be quite alot of stories but i don' t think you should do a list then if you not going to put in all the stories, yeah i can see what mean just make a list out of the good stories but i still think that if you are going to a story list you have to put all the stories in.

  7. you should do it like i did mine in arenascape stories forum, and plus can't just do 'the good ones' because that will be unfair and it will discoruage people so it's just like flaming so do ALL the stories if you planning to do a list, i would do one but i don't have enough time to do things like that anymore.

  8. erm never heard of you and never seen you around the forums(probley because i useally stick around the arenascape forums) but anwayz one of my friends died of cancer only a month ago and he was like my brother, so i know how his family must feel man it is really tough but you can do it you have all these great people supporting you man you can pull through i hope you do man!

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