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  1. Welcome to Clown Town

    1. Golvellius


      A place where you can have a tantrum, spam up the boards, get banned, and be welcomed back the next day with open arms and a new forum just for you.

    2. Saradomin_Mage
    3. Laikrob


      Legendary topic. :D

  2. The one and only dungeon sweeper.

  3. Messing with clowns.

    1. Golvellius


      Why so serious about efficiency?

    2. Riemis
  4. Yeah, I know you and your summer bug watching. :P

  5. Oh and btw the I got black and red cape that you always wear finally after 5 years of procrastination.

  6. No.

    Still not over it, but dungeoneering helps.

  7. I am guilty of a few I suppose. I bookmarked this as my way into tipit, because it would take to long to find this and I don't want 2 bookmarks on my list. So I usually load your page but then click away. :P

  8. Its hot in a sort of macabre way.

    Goth Laila ;)

  9. Yeah, you know me.

    Its what I like to do.

    I keep botching the pic for 124 though.

    Once I get a good one up I'll just hang onto the place for future updates.

  10. Thanks.

    I won't bother finishing the quest so I can keep doing my thing. ;)

  11. Grats laila.

    I'm afraid to finish it because I don't want to lose access to the 150 hp undead monsters in that dungeon. Do you know if you can go back?

  12. Grats on 99 fishing Laila. :)

  13. Well, now its obvious why you're calling yourself Mistress Laikrob.

    That dark hair of yours is obviously in-tune with your new dark side. Will we be seeing you strut around in leather? ;)

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