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  1. agree with that completely. I am just using sumona all the time (will swop to duradel every 10 tasks). Yes, tasks are shorter and you get less points, but so much better than having to spend points on skipping tasks regularly with Duradel. I really like this new slayer master, my only bad task so far has been a pile of turoths, but I can handle the odd bad task from her. Not even sure that I can find 4 tasks from her that I want to never have again... I might even get my house changed, or simply get the slayer rings instead as I wont be spending all my points on swopping tasks.
  2. this is an incredibly useful thread, good job! it does indeed go to show that there is cheaper xp at higher levels, particularly the monsters that only cost 1 shard each
  3. ive killed bloods, infernals, nechs and abarrents since the update came out. they all drop charms, some more than others: bloodvelds = mostly green nechs=mostly crimson infernals=mostly gold abarrents=no obvious majority drop
  4. this is going to be a really tricky skill to level, for the following reasons: 1) best xp is from making pouches. get 0.1 xp for summoning a familiar. Familiars can't be used in the slayer tower, where I pretty much live :( 2) shards are expensive at 50ea. 3) charms are hard to get. been killing bloodvelds a lot recently, very low rate of charm dropping, and they only drop one at a time. to get a high level, you need a lot of charms, which seem pretty hard to get hold of. Might try metal dragon slaying for more. 4) also, scroll bar on the skills interface=lame gonna be hard even to get this skill to 50. Looks like my tears of guthix isnt going to be going on prayer anymore :( (as soon as juna allows it)
  5. could be loads of reasons: 1) fewer bots due to trade restrictions 2) people quitting from aforementioned updates, esp people with pures 3) its the start of term, so more people at school, doing homework etc instead of sitting inside playing rs
  6. i reckon that they have more updates planned in that area, that could potentially be in a diary, so they didn't want to develop one for there just yet. e.g. craft a blood rune...? But I would have voted for morytania if there had been an option.
  7. ouch! This is a pretty heavy update, and although I suspected that this eventually would happen, I didn't think that it would be like this. Generally, I do not mind the update too much. RWT was a problem which clearly required drastic measures to solve, including how the wilderness worked (otherwise people would just die to trade their gold). However the things that do annoy me are: 1) monster killing;giving money/items to friends;3k trade limit. The incentive for going to DK's/KQ/GWD etc are almost nothing now. Your friends can't pick up your gear and you have to go all the way back to get your own stuff and you cannot split the financial reward from an item. I really hope that this changes soon (but I cannot think how this might happen under the current system). 2) This is also the end of free trading. Let us say that a new weapon comes onto the market. How much does it sell for? Who decides the prices? At least there were forums to auction stuff before until the prices stabilize. Now Jagex has to define a trade price for that item before they release it otherwise noone will be able to sell it (due to the 3k trade limit), and pretty much all trades will have to go through the GE. 3) all rares will have to go through the GE. At least the limit is +/- 5% not +/- 3k. I think that it is a shame the actions that they have had to take, but the fault lies with the people who buy in-game money, and the bots, rather than the company itself.
  8. the point of boxing stuff is for convenient trading of full armour sets. As most random event stuff is non tradeable, then there is no need to box them. Members have costume space in their costume rooms for random event gear. For f2p, the GE is a massive update, but they still want to encourage people to be members, so giving extra bank space/boxing ability is not likely to be high on their priority list.
  9. Wow... that are some good points, i agree with almost all of them :thumbsup: +1 - darkjab has hit the nail on the head for me. In particular, the addition of slayer monsters has generally been a hinderance to doing slayer as lots more annoying monsters have been added, in particular, warped terrorbirds and warped tortoises. The only addition that I would make is the two achievement diaries. These were pretty great, in particular, Varrock was miles better than I thought that it would be. The karamja gloves= awesome for getting to slayer master fast, and varrock armour=great for getting battlestaves+mining high level ores. All in all, I think that it has been a pretty good year. I'll reserve judgement on the duel arena update until I try the tournament aspect of it, but the staking limit is pretty lamentable.
  10. Well I didn't even think of the duel arena being a sneaky way to RW trade until this update came out. However, I suspect that it may be more cleverly done than what you suggest. lvl 50 stakes 1M lvl 10 stakes 1M (could be any level player) lvl 50 has auto off and no armour lvl 10 is got everything as high as he can wear level 50 has auto retal off and loses, trade complete! Now that is going to be much harder to detect. Also, I am not a staker in any way whatsoever, but it is clear that the cap is way too low. I liked the look of this update apart from that. If the cap was raised to 100k per hour (as suggested previously) then it would take 2.5 hours to trade 1M through this system. The RL traders may just risk a normal trade and hope they don't get caught. At least 100k is a decent stake and people can stake rune items that way. 3K barely covers most mithril items. I really hope that they rethink the stake cap to something sensible. 3K is lamentable!
  11. really good thread to read. Long, yes, but highly interesting. I agree with the points that you make, the one thing that you don't really discuss is the effect of people trying to monopolize a particular market. Trying to corner the natures market for example is going to be extremely difficult as there is always going to be a huge supply coming in from runecrafters. Merchanters who try this may find themselves making a big loss, unless they find a good item to try and get monopoly on.
  12. I live in england and in the 10 or so years ive done mathematics ive never seen anyone use full stops to seperate numbers instead of commas. I'll agree with that. Ive lived in England for my entire life, and am finishing a PhD in Physics, and I have never seen anyone use full stops to separate numbers. Given that full stops are effectively a decimal point, that would be incredibly confusing. Look forward to doing the quest, even if it is just to get back my cape. Nice update with the assist, good to hear that they listen to players. Although, who would really stand there while someone else gets a full inv of sharks?
  13. yeah well done on yout stats, they are very pretty. despite me being 80 levels higher than you, you still have about 30mil more xp than me so very nicely done. 10/10, keep up the skilling!
  14. best of luck, you are not far from that goal. Tears of guthix is your friend too :) I make sure that I am there every week getting my free 6-8k xp in my lowest skill (currently prayer). Good luck in your goals.
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