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  1. Congrats! Such a high skill total milestone is always quite an impressive achievement. :thumbsup:
  2. All of the above are true (perhaps) when you look at it from your perspective. Now look at it from mine: I'm next to you. I'm slaying. Before I kill my first mob but after I've attacked it, you come out with an MC or and AOE and take the kill. I'll say it's inadvetent. It happens again, and again, and again and ... like I said. See it from my perspective. Even innocently you can have a negative affect on my game. If you're not innocent you can just ruin it. One player on every world doing that in just one spot will cause a lot of bad feeling and more and ... nothing will be done about it apart from the person who should be punished is probably (in effect) being rewarded for their antisocial behaviour by being the one that gets the kills, the drops, has 'fun' etc. 'nuff said. If you slay properly, that shouldn't be an issue. None of Kuradal's tasks can support more than one person. Not to mention that the world has gotten so big that you can pretty much get a spot alone if you're smart about it. I go to 1500 skill level worlds when i need a resource or area for a lower level skill, since the area is usually open. I go to crowded trading worlds for combat, since npcs spawn quicker, and everyone on the server is at the GE so I usually get areas to myself. As far as not using the slayer dungeon, i definitely get that. I'm not an efficient player anymore. It's just not fun if I can't sit back and relax while I casually train after all these years. But you're right that sharing areas isn't a problem like it used to be years ago. Anyway, It's good to hear that the beta is open to all members next weekend (allegedly...I haven't read any official news about this). I would like to test this out, as I have never been good at games that are very keyboard intensive. That has always been one of the great things about RS. There is not a ton of button mashing.
  3. If you have 73 hunter, you can do the minigame that gets you the herbs for juju potions. The juju farming pot gives you like a 1 in 3 chance of pulling two herbs in a patch, giving you about 33% more herbs, and increasing your farming profits. Other than this, i've been out a while too, and have no other money ideas.
  4. The only reason to participate in beta is to have an advantage in terms of learning the basics when it goes live. I didn't even try to get in this time (although I wouldn't have gotten it anyway, as I understand it.) because the rs2 beta was a waste as well. Back then, I was still going for 85 mining, and rsc players will remember that when you reached a full inventory in classic, the ore you mined after was automatically dropped. So unless the beta is specifically geared towards the features you use all the time, the fun doesn't last, and people get upset over the stuff they miss out on in the actual game. I really only see beta participation as beneficial if you boss-hunt or pvp a significant amount of time.
  5. I know mage is pretty popular in the current combat system, but it seems to involve a lot of fast pace, accurate clicking, which I suck at. Therefore, I basically never use mage for anything. Does the action bar cut down on any of the clicking one might have to do to be effective at maging? In other words, is it any easier? note: sorry if i sound like such a huge noob, I got most of my combat levels 5+ years ago when there was basically no uncertainty about what the best equipment was.
  6. The bank was removed when the wilderness returned to pvp if i'm not mistaken
  7. The impossible balance article really seemed to make some ridiculous claims. Somehow in this article, it ends up not being the fault of JaGex that their poll looped free trade and wilderness views in together. I mean, The only options were "yes" "no," and "don't care." To me, they should have separated the two ideas altogether. Somehow, you blame the players for the lack of insight on the part of the creator of the poll. Personally, I play the game that is made and don't do too much hating on JaGex, because ultimately, I'm either going to play the game or I'm not. Another thing mentioned in this article was the complaints made immediately after free trade and PVP wilderness returned. I think anyone complaining about the removal of the pvp worlds was completely justified. Seriously, I don't understand how JaGex could take away the best part about not having wilderness, and not expect some complaints. But to the main point of your article, People are complaining way too much, and the game isn't going to be based around too much player-input as long as the fansites and official forums are filled with posts bashing JaGex for all the bots.
  8. It kinda just looks like you picked the best thing from each skill and wrote down that level...which is fine, and what I would say too. That being said, it's kinda difficult to add to that list...
  9. Ah thanks... didn't realize i chose to have chimes and you can't have both
  10. Does anyone know if there is a way to get a crystal saw back if you lose it?
  11. If you do enough research, you should consider building a computer yourself. I just spent about $850 on all the essentials for a new desktop, and the only things I already had were memory, a hard drive, and a DVD read/writer. I bought mostly builder-series type items, which is basically a step or so down from what computer enthusiasts would purchase, and when I finish putting it all together (still waiting on some parts), It will be a pretty good machine and will run some pretty sweet games. The most important part of the computer for gaming would be your video/graphics card, which is one of the reasons you might want to stay away from laptops. Graphics cards get hot, and laptops still don't have good ways of cooling themselves down. Also, its much easier to find cheaper cards for desktops. My MSI nvidia GTX 550 ti card cost me less than $150, and from my viewpoint (this is my first build, so i'm still no expert on this stuff) I would say it is middle-of-the-road. The better your card though, the better the stuff that supports it has to be, so watch out with these. As for your computer, If you want to keep it near $600, just buy stuff with slightly lower specs. My CPU was $315 alone. There are some pretty good AMD processors out there for cheap, and some first generation i5 chips from intel max out around $200 too, and these are pretty decent chips. It's pretty easy to build a fairly good $600 machine if you start by listing everything you need before you look at any individual parts, it just won't be a super computer. Whatever you decide to do, good luck. :thumbsup:
  12. I don't have that issue with my Xbox. Maybe yours is too old? If anything logic would say HDMI should be worse than component. Since component is transmitting one data stream via 1 wire into 1 socket specifically for using that data stream. Where as HDMI is all 5 data streams crammed into 1 wire and dealt with by 1 socket; which would allow for more corruption of the data/signal within the wire and more issues with decoding it back to light and sound outputs. Kinda like how in the old days Scart produced ghosts when Component Av didn't. Not sure why you come back at me with that, I already know that HDMI signal is much better than component. Maybe you get ghosts with component but I never had that problem, and HDMI has never failed me either. To that VGA example in the post above, I can confirm what you are saying. I replaced my graphics card, and am forced to use the DVI to VGA adapter that came with it, since my DVI to HDMI adapter doesn't work with this new card. mini-hdmi to hdmi cables are also too expensive for me, they're not worth paying $50 for the better picture so while I wait for their price to go down, I am stuck with the ugly VGA picture on one of my HD computer screens. Component is transmitting digital signals that are different from HDMI because the red, green, and blue are separated, but the quality is pretty much the same. EDIT: Ah, okay, because you are using the monitor(and I am an idiot), HDMI is the best way to go. I would look for a recorder with a port though. But those tend to be more expensive then just buying those cables you didn't want to buy...
  13. This one is my favorite because the beginning of the thread is just "you suck if you use a cannon" and then it goes to "whats the best way for me to use a cannon???" OT: I would say it depends on what type of charms you want. I get tons of golds from Hellhounds, crimson from waterfiends (i think), abberrant specters are actually not too bad for blue, and I always net a lot of green from metal dragons. Obviously, since the question is about cannoning for charms though, it pretty much rules out a bunch of those options, and Black Demons are pretty much the best way to go...
  14. The problem with avoiding w117 dungeoneering is that some people didn't start the skill when it came out, and if you are under level 70, it takes forever and a day to get to the point where people respect you and let you join their dungeoneering groups/clans/whatever... Don't listen to the anti-efficiency police. The better-because-they're-not-efficient methods are usually just as boring, but take twice as long, thus making them twice as boring. BTW, I think TIF would really benefit from splitting Help & Advice into Questions and Tips like RSC has. A lot of times there are half-efficient ways to do things that are more fun than both the non-efficient methods (like some minigames) and efficient methods (like arguing over whether CR or CLS is better, because wasting your time arguing over two great weapons is a great use of your life...) I like the term "efficiency police" because it kinda makes them sound like as much of a joke as "vegan police" in Scott Pilgrim... :thumbsup:
  15. even if you train your skills at all the same spots, they will be so much less crowded because p2p offers much better training options for virtually every skill...
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