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  1. Howdy, How much xp do you get in an hour training at experiments and rock crabs at around 80-90 combat? do you need food? Thanks in advance
  2. I was wondering how much xp can you get for; Hunting Agility Theiving and what are the methods to do such?
  3. I dont beleive my luck... i post it. i press panic 5 more times and i get it lol this is the location; ~GIVE PEACE A CHANCE~
  4. So the only haunted woods are the ones west of canifis, right? I have honestly paced all over the god forsaken land pressing "panic" emote and have not got the double agent yet. :( I am not wearing anything either... so what am i doing wrong? Please post with ideas Thanks P.S. Do you think the first line "panic in the heart of the haunted woods" is meant to be a parody of the smith's song "panic" which has the line "panic on the streets of london..."??? or am i over analysing again?
  5. isent that a blog? but yeah it need pictures and i found the best way to train is either dead falls or chimchompas I meant, as he levels and tries new methods he should post which ones work better than others, and maybe average xp per hour.
  6. Helpful guide, maybe pictures and i hope u update it as you level = )
  7. try looking were everyone else posts, i think weapons, or just west of the east fally bank in world 2
  8. Well, the fire and air alter are more or less equidistant... air alter having the advantage of more runes per ess, but that might not be that big of an influence on your choice at lvl 17.
  9. Yea, most of his career is F2P, but when you add up his total XP it doesn't match up because he has some xp that doesn't show and those are in the P2P stats. :( He doesn't have runecrafting ranked though, maybe that is were the "missing xp" is...
  10. woot, rock on triple j :D Yeh, i like the killers. that song "somebody told me" is hawt... i haven't heard anything else though... they worth downloading?
  11. As well as trying to sell stuff, i think player mods have an advantage when hirring runners at world 16 air alter, i have seen practically all the runners trading with him and not with us... :? Also, the dude ranked 1st for runecrafting (i forgot his rsn) is a pmod. Conincidence? i think not... But i understand the being a player mod would be a burden with the responsibility etc. but also an honour i guess...
  12. Nice guide, i will use it when i start construction Thanks a bundle :D
  13. Check the official runescape forums, in the Quests topic, i am sure there are people who need help there
  14. are you sure? Is the guilds info out of date? http://tip.it/runescape/?page=heros_guild.htm
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