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    In a Basket Full of Teddy Bears
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    RuneScape, Day of Defeat, Left4Dead, Left4Dead2, Reading, Writing, Singing

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Tip.it & RuneScape
I'm one of the oldest staff members still hanging around Tip.it (joined October 7, 2002), and have recently switched roles as a moderator to a crewbie. I also write for the Tip.it Times.

I was a pure nonmember on RuneScape until mid-December 2009. I decided that being F2P since early 2001 was just long enough, and that it was time to experience more of the game. I am hoping one day, in the far far future, to get a completionist cape, but in the mean time am enjoying the game at the slow, inefficient pace I play it at. :)

Real Life
I have a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, hopefully later in life I can go back to working on getting my Master's in Business Administration. :mrgreen:

Aside from English, I speak Cantonese and Mandarin. I'm still trying to find time to learn Dutch. On top of my coursework I write stories while on the road. I love action games as well as MMOs, so don't be surprised when you hear about me playing Left4Dead2 or Mass Effect. :wink:

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