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  1. Ambler[/color]' timestamp='1340885883']



    I don't get that either... Surely there's still a fair amount of plot to exploit, fremmenick trial of Arisha, the Essence, children of some people? I also won't be suprised if Sulla's ressurected as some evil demon guy. :lol:[/hide]


    [hide=Spoiler]Yea... the whole resurrection thing was just... I dunno, I feel like that was being thrown around too much too. I've always believed that vampires don't just pass on their curse willy nilly, for lack of better terms, and even the zombie attack just seemed a bit insane. Felt like I was reading a horror film lol.[/hide]

  2. It's content like this that I think would definitely encourage people to get members for more content similar to this.


    Remember when only members on RSC had sound effects, while nonmembers didn't? This eventually changed with the coming of RS2, and I'd like to see someone similar for quests like this, should more advanced quests have voices, etc. in the future. :)

  3. Huzza~! It's back! =DNow when's part V ;)
    Whenever my parents do/say something silly again. :P I was actually getting worried because for a while it was quiet on that front. O_O'

    Watch. You'll go a month without posting one then you'll post 10 in a week.

    Seriously. :| But with the upcoming holidays, I think there will be plenty of derps ahead to share. :P


    Btw, are you using the reply button or just copying & pasting? Because the codes are all fudged up. XD

  4. ForsakenMage[/color]' timestamp='1322340469']

    >.>' Fwiw I'm actually Chinese. And unfortunately, because of that, I get a lot of stupid jokes about people eating dogs like, "Oh so you got a dog. Are you gonna eat it?" >.<



    That is why I said Koren and not Chinese. I recognize diversity when I make my bigoted comments. :thumbsup:



    Y... u... so... bad.... :wall:

  5. Oh god, I know how you feel. the front doors of my school had an 8-inch pool of water that dozens of people fell into, and I'm only in Sacramento.


    Carry an extra set of clothing, if not for you, someone will need it.

    Yea seriously. I'm usually on campus until 5:00PM, right when the rain LOVES to start pouring again. Looks like we're getting a break for a few days though, with showers on Monday, and then no more rain until Thursday or Friday. >.< So glad I bought that double-layered Triclimate jacket from North Face last year. ^^; They're on sale right now too at the Berkeley store (they're out of warranty which is why they're going uber cheap... $50-$90!).
  6. Happy Lunar New Year to you too ! Looks like you've fallen victim to the same superstitions as me (I need a haircut so badly...)

    And I really couldn't believe how many people asked me for free stuff. It looks like some awful epidemic, really.

    This was just one of many things I had feared with the return of free trade. Now it's back to non-stop beggars. Before at least there was a limit to the amount people could beg off at a time, but now that it's unlimited, it's just asking for abuse on both sides, i.e. beggars harassing those who do not contribute to their <whatever> fund, while the "givers" harassing the beggars for begging to begin with.
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