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  1. It's very visible on the green dragonhide armor, but I couldn't get the perfect time for the snapshot :( This is just before my character reaches to get an arrow from the quiver.
  2. Why do you want to know? My name is something relating to me, myself, and I. This has nothing to do with 9/11. So I really don't care if people "stereotype" me because of my name. Yes I am a U.S. Citizen so can we please get back on the topic which is NOT about my name. :roll:
  3. Yeah, I think that's a big reason for this not happening. 'Scapers are usually very "proud" of their levels and items, thus flaunting party hats and such. I'm sure players would do the same with kill counts, whether or not they were visible in-game or only in the high scores. I don't PK, tho, so I really wouldn't mind if this idea was implemented. Massacre, does the NY stand for New York? lpinkus That's a good point about friends killing friends to up their kill total, the thought never crossed my mind, though that's a cheap way to play. No comment on that.. And yes, NY stands for New York, but don't get the wrong idea.
  4. Well the other person(s) i assume wouldn't see the other pkers kill total, it can only be seen by the person playing on their character, but anyone can find out on the high scores. But if there was an option to have a on/off button then that'd be nice too.
  5. Why don't you like my name? :roll: that's kinda off topic, but still...... And if nobody can find any cons about why they shouldn't then....im clueless on what else to say. :shock:
  6. What possible reasons could it be? I mean I really don't understand why they would go against this idea. This is something JaGeX should really pick up on, it's nothing too big or a crazy idea. Could anyone list possible reason why JaGeX shouldn't or won't implement this into the game? :roll:
  7. Well as you can see im new on tip.it, I haven't been around to see those "many" times to see this suggestion on the boards. And I dont see why it shouldn't be in the game. :?
  8. I was pking in the wilderness the other day, and while i was on a roll pking nubs left and right I got this idea in my head. It would be nice to have a kill counter that keeps track of the "number" of kills you've made ONLY in the wild. This would give players another thing to boast & brag about during a general conversation or conflict. This would also give pkers that extra drive in the wild to get kills, making the wilderness more fun and exciting. :twisted: I clearly don't see any flaws in this idea, this doesn't hurt the game, it just helps the fun factor go up a tad bit. Meh, this would be something else to look up for in the high scores. - N Y Massacre
  9. This idea should go in the Tip.It hall of bad infamous ideas, because it has already been posted thousands of times and JaGeX has denied every last one. This will make 1001, if not more. :roll:
  10. Exactly. :roll: You can't leave them out, some people play at random locations, either by force or by choice.
  11. No it won't, because nobody is going to spend 5 months at the general store buying 1k coal just so they can buy it cheaper. What the.... :shock: If the current price displays during trades merchanters like me won't be able to buy low then sell high. For example a santa hat, let's say the current price is set @ 2.5million, there is no way that a merchant would be able to get for lower or sell a bit higher UNLESS! somebody is just tired of having a santa hat post of a good deal, which is more then likely not going to happen. :roll: Bad idea, period.
  12. Take these guys advice man.....runescape is like crack. Everything else after that....you know the story.
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