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  1. South Park is hit and miss, but when you get a good episode you'll never forget it.

    Family guy and America Day are ok, but they repeat the same gags over and over and over. Half the them are seen in one shape or another on both programs which kills the edge.

    Futurama is great, but the lack of episodes means you've likely seen each one half a dozen times.

    Simpsons is interesting and strangely has vanished on a lot of channels.

  2. Congratulations on getting this mentioned on Jagex's twitter.


    5. I did it once and didn't like the whole concept, sure its a slightly different way of getting a little exp. But its in a silly location, is awkward to negotiate and requires a weird selection of items.

    Phoenix's are terrible combat familiars imo as you have to use the scrolls every few minutes as they die so easily.

    4. Everytime I log in I have to double check the friends lists as their names change every few days.

    3. Your completely right. Its a horrible system, boring and requires a stupid amount of time for any decent rewards.

    2. The source of all evil. Completely screwed up the economy and proved that less effort = more gp.

    1. I was hoping for so much more. They could have added so many different things and yet they added an AFK method with updates to the areas of the game no-one uses anyway.

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