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  1. I remember downloading something like that from runescape.com before rs2 beta :?
  2. The xp for level formula has been public for a while now, but jagex still hasn't made it available on runescape.com. I think a good reason might be that they don't want 10 year olds who say they are 13+ to be asking customer support even more questions like "how do i calculate that?"
  3. Compared to all of the p2p population, he's far better than top one percentile.You want to say runescape has 7.5+ mil members? :lol:
  4. [*:1kdpzbyf]definately -> definitely [*:1kdpzbyf]neclace -> necklace [*:1kdpzbyf]Al-Karid -> Al Kharid [*:1kdpzbyf]hte -> the [*:1kdpzbyf]alter -> altar
  5. You could always use tele tablets for teleing around the world + portals in your house + then use ancients / lunar :twisted:
  6. It has now been confirmed, that jagex will soon be making runescape in german public, what do you think about it :?:
  7. No it would be stupid, mods are supposed to help keep normal players in order; they couldn't all go to the on world. Note: a world is not a server, the servers hold more than one world. Proof?
  8. MMORPG = massively multiplayer online role-playing game So unless you scam behind the cover of bf/gf, then do whatever the heck you want to :?
  9. Around 50 gp each, there really isn't a large need for them
  10. 37.5 xp per bar for making regular items, ~25 xp per bar making cannon balls.
  11. Time to smelt a steel bar: 3 seconds Time to make 4 cannon balls: 6 seconds Time per inventory of steel bars: 27 seconds Time per inventory of cannon balls: 2 minutes 42 seconds
  12. Gout tuber(there is no seed) [*:2i4mvue7]Buy from Gabooty for 240 trade sticks in Tai Bwo Wannai village. [*:2i4mvue7]While clearing parts of jungle at Tai Bwo Wannai village a random event causes the jungle bushes to turn into gout tubers. Use a spade on them to dig them up.
  13. I suggest 99 attack, defence, strength, hits, prayer, magic & ranged, owns all :wink: Although you could add in 99 firemaking for some serious ownage :twisted:
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