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  1. What are you doing here?!?!

  2. You're just jealous no one ever visits your profile

  3. Thanks for the late message :P

  4. Neither. You're fired

  5. Your hour is up. The teleporter is still not here and thus you're still fired.

  6. Thanks everyone :)

  7. I see you, stalking my profile.

  8. That's what someone who broke something and was trying to hide it would say.

  9. According to my inside sources you appear to have broken it.

    [16:03:03] [TOTALLYNOTSenty]: lets blame it on serpent then

  10. That's not as fun though.

  11. Can I hire you then fire you again then change your custom rank "Refired Crew"? :3

  12. I realise that it's been a long time since I last spammed your profile, so I'm going to start doing so again :D

  13. Your name appears to be broken. It doesn't look right not red.

  14. Of course I'll keep in touch :). Speak to you soon.

  15. Yo DenzyWenzy, why'd you not change your name to DenzyWenzy :(

  16. That wasn't very friendly :(

  17. I'm in your profiles, stealing your views.

  18. I see you, viewing my profile >=(

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