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  1. Still loving life! :)

    1. The Observer

      The Observer

      Long time no see.

  2. Loving life! :)

  3. :'/> back at you!

  4. Bright light, bright light!!! :(

  5. Hiya :) All is well here, hope you're doing great yourself. We have to meet up in game and gain another bank standing level! Ciao

  6. Ain't that the truth... :) *waves back*

  7. Hope you're doing well. :)

  8. You always sound wrong, hun. ;)

    Hoping to get internet up soon, they forgot to send the connection kit... But they remembered the bill, surprisingly enough.

  9. Happy birthday! :) Hugs

  10. Happy birthday, hun. <3 Will catch up with you and congratulate you properly when I get back.

  11. Thanks, and Happy New Year to you too. :)

  12. <3 Thanks, Jimmy.

    Rainy, we need to talk... :P

  13. Blame Real Life TM.

    And I am sure trolling will continue...

  14. I know... Looks a little empty now that we're used to seeing it, doesn't it?

  15. I have no G rated comment to that.

  16. I believe you just did...

  17. Hiya, get your behind on Skype more often (and when I get my computer back and hopefully repaired heh) and we can have a proper chat. <3 Thanks, looking forward to see you with the new haircut.

  18. Thankies. :)

    Weekend of metal and beers, had a great time!

    Napalm Death, Seventh Void, Katatonia, Stuck Mojo, Monster Magnet, Macabre, Pestilence, Illdisposed etc. Met some great people, ate junk food, rocked it - all in all awesome. :D

  19. Why am I up late again?

  20. G'day matesse! <3

    How's life in opposite land? :) Care to trade weather?

  21. I can live with that.

    They can be expected when we get them from JaGex and we get them published. And they are probably filled with vague answers like that. :P (But seriously, we'll get them out within a few days after we get them, hopefully.)

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