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  1. when you're replying...the easiest way to do it... over near the right hand side (just under the subject line) there is a little Img button. click that, copy and paste your address, then hit the button again to close the tag.
  2. throw those in image tags....some people like myself are untrusting :?
  3. Well, being an athiest...If god were somehow proven real, I'd still go on with my daily life. I (personally) see no plausable reason why I "have" to dedicate my life to being "pure" or some sh....stuff... I cant engage in what is known as "human nature" until i'm married?! i think not. So..."thall shalt not kill" but...even though according to The bible, there is no difference between intent and deed... so... *i think about someone dieing* oops. i murdered them. It just doesn't make sense to me. but...I am by no means 'bashing' on christians. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion... This is just mine.
  4. Heck yes i'm goin! that is...If my being in The Navy doesn't hinder my plans...
  5. Thank you everyone :) I'm in The Navy, Btw.
  6. well, its finally happened... IM NOT A TEENAGER!!! Today, the 18th of July...2005...I am officially 20 years old. Just 5 and a half months before I ship out to basic training 8)
  7. TOTALLY NATURAL...i'd say like, 27 or 28 without any specials, pots, prayer, or anything...with...i have hit a 47 with drag mace...but, i never really use that much...i just tried to hit has hard as i could...then got bored after about 15 minutes...
  8. wooden suspension...one horse power...a beauty. paraphrased, of course.
  9. permanant solution to a temporary problem... Lots of people will think im inconsiderate or something...but, in my opinion...he just ranked himself right up there with the dumbest people on earth... There is absolutely NO REASON good enough to commit suicide...If he felt he must commit suicide, he was dumb. I do no feel sorry for him in the least. I do feel sorry for his friends and family, but...again...no remorse for him. it was a stupid decision.
  10. DH...you win. sorry for all of the delays...whats your game name?
  11. i dont like the font "ssgotenks" is in...remove the "_"...umm...its a little dark, dont ya think?
  12. i think its really good, but...the overall style of the bow...i've always imagined it a bit more like hypergod's signature...*searches forums for a topic of his* like that. just the general shape.
  13. well, its up to DH on whether or not he'll accept you entering "late"...umm...yeah...i'll have a few more hours to play today...and...umm...a few hours tomorrow...mostly about the same time i'm on now...
  14. well, sorry guys...yesterday on my way home...got side-swiped :? broken "ulna" (my arm) :( hard to type now....oh well...anyway...i suppose its over...but, i'll wait for quer skull's entry....lets see what we've got.
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