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  1. Have they confirmed when we will be allowed to use bonus xp things on it?
  2. I've had my max cape for all of 2 weeks and new skill. So sad :(
  3. It's not fun if your chatbox messages point out the answer :P I thought it was that the river is white in the mini map
  4. Can't you resize the game screen itself to set the interface outside of it to make it more like fixed? hang on i'll try and post a pic edit: I don't play fixed, so I could be wrong but this is the default "Classic" loadout on NIS with some very minor tweaks and it seems very similar to me. All I did was make the map smaller to expand the backpack. None of the interfaces overlap the game screen, it's a seperate entity with the interface being surrounding entities instead of overlapping (done using the option "3D World Editing" that's found within Edit Mode) Better yet.. As someone who wants to use half the screen for RS and half the screen for something else, why not make your interface more friendly for that than the classic is? This is something I came up with in sub 5 minutes. Idk how useful it'd be, because I didn't play with it, but is at least taking advantage of the whole half of the screen I have for RS instead of just the small portion that Fixed uses. You could even make it where the chat box doesn't cover the game screen, though that's never bothered me You say you're open to change, but you surely don't act like it. I don't think NIS, HTML5, or RS3 are ready yet either, but to entirely discredit them is very closed minded.
  5. So I played HTML5 beta today on a computer designed for gaming. They really think this is going to be ready for release in 11 days? The camera movements are horrible, there hasn't been an integrated test of NIS and HTML5, and overall the game just looks bad - and I was on max settings. I normally am a positive person that gives people the benefit of the doubt, and usually support Jagex on their moves but this is going to be 10x worse than EoC and how unready they are for the release (not an argument about benefits of EoC, because I think it was needed - but it was clearly not ready/balanced since they're still working on it, and not just little tweaks but major changes.) I'm sorry if you're going to miss debuting during the summer months Jagex, but rushing this is a terrible idea.
  6. Penance is by far the most useful aura IMO. Reverence is decent as a backup, and if you get a third then you can rotate them while bossing for long amounts of times. Maybe vampyrism.
  7. Tried my hand at this boss thing, made it to the last wave couple times but was last 2-3 standing so no luck on kills. Any suggestions on taking less damage during minion (3rd) phase?
  8. I'd have to disagree.. As it stands now, Barrows is way too easy. A bit of revamp would help out quite a bit tbch, Barrows definitely isn't too easy for players using Lv. 60 equipment wish ~Lv. 70 stats. You know, the players that Barrows is targeted towards. This gets said alot about things.. "targeted towards low level players blah blah," and I agree the rewards are. However anytime the rewards are useful to anyone the price goes up and therefore higher level players who can reap the rewards quicker/more efficiently will do so for cash inflow, and in some situations this limits it's usefulness for it's intended audience. So I'm going to throw out an idea and see what you guys think. Every area that is aimed towards a lower level should sync your levels and gear to be appropriate if you are higher. So if you go to Bandos with full Torva and 99 stats it sets your gear bonuses to tier 70 and your combat stats as well. This would increase the longevity of some bosses, decreases solo-able bosses, and make them more accessible to the intended audience. However, this system really only works if bosses can be killed at those stats, say Nex by people with 80 stats and 80 gear, and also requires the whole tier system to be filled out with 95 and 99 tier gear and bosses. If my explanation doesn't make sense, it's similar to level-syncing from FFXI. http://wiki.ffxiclopedia.org/wiki/Level_Sync
  9. Off topic: This kind of ridiculous assumption making about people, and 'holier than thou' attitude won't get you far in life. On topic: No matter the arguments you make, and how I see it or how you see it or how Vigilant Foe sees it, it's a moot point. It would never pass the 75% vote because the PK'ing community is too resistant to change, and I don't think Jagex would even put it to the vote to begin with. It's been that way since the 3-hit system, so going on something like 10 years or close to? Don't expect it to change now. So can we stop derailing this topic about Pking and see if anyone has any other good tweaks that are possible?
  10. I'm a big fan of smite, in order to get whips.. It really just depends what style you enjoy. I personally hate low level pking because the gain is very little and the fights are too short, so I avoid 1 defense pures. Can you be more specific about what you're exactly looking for? Which style do you enjoy, which levels do you like to play at, do you want your account to be able to do other in game activities like KQ or DK's, etc. It's almost entirely preference.
  11. I haven't tried this yet, I read the wiki article on it. Only question is, do you get to choose which supplies you want? I would only do it if I can guarantee that all my experience will be in mining.
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