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  1. Happy birthday! :)

  2. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  3. Even if I didn't know you personally, I remember seeing your name in red a lot on these forums back in the days. I hope you're doing fine now and happy birthday! :)

  4. Happy birthday! :D

  5. Awesome bbq salmon (I can't wait for temperatures to go above 0) Get å piece of salmon or trout. Preferrably from fishmonger, but fresh from supermarket is also good. To a zip-lock bag add å splash of soy sauce, 1-2 smashed garlic cloves, some minced ginger and some sake/sherry if you have it. Leave at room temperature for 30mins-1hour before chucking it on the bbq on a piece of foil. Leave until done, aka the fish flakes easily when prodded. The skin will stick to the foil, but the flesh will slide straight off.
  6. Tip for easy cutting of parsley. Stuff it in a glass and go bananas with a pair of scissors. :-)
  7. Easy, low-effort (slightly time-consuming) tomato/roast red veggie soup. This is a major hit with my bf, and he also shared it in his work-newsletter after being badgered during carrying it for lunch. Amounts are VERY adaptable, this is waht I usually use for my roasting tin: Take 1 large/2 small/medium red onions. Peel and cut into quarters. Chop 2 red bell peppers first in halves, discard all seeds and then chop each half into quarters. Halve about 6-7 tomatoes through the centre (think the tomato's equator, you wanna see all the compartements). Toss everything in a roasting tin together with 4-6 peeled cloves of garlic, some olive oil, dried basil, dried oregano, salt and pepper. Roast at approx 225C (use google for F) for about 45 minutes. Chuck into blender and mic thoroughly. OR chuck into saucepan and use stick blender. If useing blender, chuck into saucepan and season with worchestershiresauce, soy sauce, possibly a tiny bit of sugar, salt and pepper until it tastes as you want it to. If using stick blender, season to taste without switching saucepans ;-) Lovely with bread/baguettes. For extra richness, put in a dollop of creme fraiche/heavy cream or even a poached egg. Can easily be frozen for lunches.
  8. Range gear is the same one as for mage gear. There's a drop down menu iirc that let's you swap between the two varieties.
  9. Good old fashioned way: Pen and Paper Lol, your faith in my organizational skills is touching :D
  10. Does anyone know if/how you can check progress on the different storylines for special visitors? There is absolutely no way in a very hot place I'll be able to remember how many of each I've done. :oops:
  11. One thing that hits me is that the general "xp rates are too low" seem all to (quite understandably) be based around what is achieveable today at lvl 99. Of course, this is the benchmark that we know is true, but still, not necessarily comparable. Imho, it's kinda like comparing xp-rates at 99 with either that of lvl 78 (21 lvls lower, 120-99) or 43 (8 times the xp, x doubles per 7 lvls, 99 - (8x7) ) With raising of xp caps there would be a definite need for "better" training methods (not counting the general inflation seen over time anyway). Just some quick examples fro herby (only reason for being singled out is that it's my fave skill). At lvl 44 best "pot" is Harra tar at 72,5xp, at 78 (76) there is mage pot at 172,5xp and at 99 (92) there is extreme range at 260xp (Using the best "simple" pot to make, and ignoring super pray due to only 10xp more and a hopeless 2nd) That gives us just short of a 3,6 multiplier for the first variety (lvl 43 vs 99) and 1,5 multiplier for tha last (lvl 78-99). Still not up to the X8 "balance point" but a bit better than 1:1. If you throw in purely making ovl's (assuming one starts at 1 and keeps all reg for super, super for extr and extr for ovl) the different multipliers end at 13,8 and 5,8. And I do apologize if I've done any glaring math errors. They happen to the best of us.
  12. Quelle surprise. Just insanely glad this happened while I was out running errands. I would've been pooping my pants. (And guess who does the laundry round here #-o
  13. Yep, got the Rhyme, and it's puuuurdyyyyy!!! And I also have to add, my buddy with the SGS III loves it dearly!
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